Special inspiration behind the new Rolls Royce Phantom Tempus

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The luxurious automaker Rolls Royce has once again refined it’s Rolls Royce Phantom with a unique and exotic collection, the Phantom Tempus Collection. Only 20 models of these cars were manufactured all of which are sold out. If you want to buy Rolls Royce vehicles in UAE, now’s your chance to visit CarSwitch and do it!

Concept of the collection

The Phantom Tempus showcases an astronomical cabin style. According to the press release, the brand new collection is inspired by “time, astronomical phenomena, and the infinite reaches of the universe.” 

The chief executive of the automaker, Torsten Müller-Ötvös, stated: “With Phantom Tempus, we have created a space in which those strictures no longer apply- as illustrated by the deliberate absence of a clock. Rolls Royce clients are not bound by Time; the outside world with all it’s pressures and demands are forgotten.”

The cabin displays the “Frozen Flow of Time” art, which is made with one piece of billet aluminum, processed to make 100 “individual contoured columns.” All the columns are polished by hand and black anodized which makes their surface extra reflective. According to Rolls Royce, the columns are also a representation of “the 100-million-year period of a rotational spin of a pulsar star.”

The whole collection greatly concentrates on the pulsar which is an astronomical event that is explained by Rolls Royce as “unknown until 1967 and found only in the deepest reaches of space (the nearest yet discovered is 280 light years, or 1,680 trillion miles, from Earth). These very dense, white-hot stars emit electromagnetic radiation in extremely regular pulses, making them some of the most accurate clocks in the universe.”

In-car facilities

For the passengers in the back, rear entertainment system headphones are given which boast premium sound quality. They are lightweight with soft ear pads and thus, comfortable. This advanced technology allows you to switch channels and change volume directly on the headphones. Each headphone comes with a classy embroidered hard case to protect it. 

The Rolls Royce motor arrives with a handsfree Bluetooth interface in order for you to utilize data and voice functions of your smartphone easily. For the chosen mobile phone, snap in adapters are provided. These adapters link your smartphone to the Rolls Royce external aerial which elevates reception and charges the smartphone battery simultaneously. 

An advanced technology which permits the vehicle to transmit crucial service data to the authorized dealer with unbeatable precision is available in the name of Rolls Royce teleservices. Whether the car requires a battery charge or oil change, the dealer will be notified who can quickly prepare for the needed work at the time which you would select yourself. 

Lastly, wireless car hotspot is provided with which passengers can surf the internet or read emails irrespective of whether the car is moving or not. This hotspot is installed in the front centre armrest that allows numerous connections for WLAN devices simultaneously. You can also automatically switch between networks. 

Rolls Royce assist

This is an excellent system which links the motor to an emergency services call center. The system can be activated in the following ways. 

  • When the crash sensors or airbags are activated, the car will automatically initiate a call to the nearby emergency services call center. 
  • If there is an emergency situation, there is a choice to manually activate Rolls Royce Assist only by clicking the SOS button. This action will link you directly to the emergency services call center. 

An unrivaled muse

All of the 20 cars in the collection are painted with the Kairos Blue bespoke paint. This paint includes shiny flakes of blue mica. It’s elegant silhouette also arrives with an updated fiber optic headliner known as the digitally printed Pulsar Headliner mixing with the present fiber optic lights with an embroidery resembling a galaxy. 

A hand painted champagne chest is given as well. This transcendent chest arrives with a cosmic reimagining. An array of stars are scattered over the interior side panels. 

This boasts the most wide scale and shiny illumination ever created in the Rolls Royce history. All the Phantom models are embellished with an engraved Spirit of Ecstasy which refers to the name of the collection and finalizing its uniqueness. 

The buyer has an option to select from the diverse collections or work with the designers and craftsmen to manufacture a Rolls Royce completely rare for you. 

Wrapping it up

Although Rolls Royce has not shared the cost of this iconic vehicle, the standard Phantom Tempus is for $463,000 USD. It can be estimated that the Phantom Tempus Collection is above $500,000 USD.

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