Motorists to Pay for Parking during Arafat Day and the Eid holidays in Certain Areas of Sharjah

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Sharjah Municipality has announced that owners of used cars in Sharjah will have to pay for parking in all areas on Arafat Day and in six areas during the Eid holidays. 

The municipality declared on Wednesday that car owners will have to pay for parking across Sharjah on Arafat Day, August 10. 

All public parking lots in the city will be free during Eid Al Adha holidays from August 11 to 13, excluding certain public parking zones that remain paid during all days of the week and in official holidays,” said Sharjah Municipality.

They also stated that all public parking areas will be paid on Arafat day, August 10. Moreover, traffic inspectors will be spotting parking violations.

Paid Parking Zones

The Sharjah Municipality disallowed public parking in Al Shuwaiheen and Al Majaz in 2018 after the public complained about prolonged car parking in commercial areas.

Paid parking zones during Eid Ul-Azha holidays are as follows:

  1. Al-Hisn Street (Bank Complex)
  2. Corniche Street
  3. Qays Ibn Abi Sa’ Sa’ Ah Street ( Bird Market)
  4. Central Souq Parking Spaces
  5. Corniche Street Khalid Lagoon Side
  6. Univercity City Road

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