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Even if you’re purchasing a used automobile or a fresh new one, durability is certainly one of your top priorities. Without a doubt, if you invest thousands of dollars in a car, you want it to survive more than just a few years. CarSwitch is aware of this.

Therefore, we evaluated the engine, transmission, brakes, and safety systems, along with interiors and rider comfort, display, and controls, which are all typical problem areas reported by owners. This all sums up the driving experience that could affect the driver’s experience. If you are planning on buying used cars in KSA, you should definitely give this thread a read.

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The Honda Civic is an efficient compact vehicle that is renowned for its durability all over the world. Civic lovers always buy it for its durability factor as it requires very little maintenance. 

Civic owners, in general, only take their cars for repairs 0.2 times per year, according to many expert reviews. In comparison, usually, other compact vehicles have to go for repairs 0.3 times.

The Honda Accord is yet another Honda compact vehicle that has been really popular all around the globe.

While being a compact car, the Accord boasts a large trunk. It also has a spacious interior and comfortable seating in both the front and back. Even a modest base 1.5-litre turbocharged engine is available on the current model, with four cylinders, 192 horsepower, and 192-pound feet of torque.

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Toyota Camry is the largest vehicle manufacturer in Japan and one of the world’s best-selling automakers. It comes with no surprise when you consider the number of dependable vehicles it has produced throughout the years. Toyota has proved itself time and time again for being one of the most reliable manufacturers over the years.

The Toyota Camry, according to customer reviews, is one of the best models among midsize cars.  The cabin is quite quiet, the ride is soft, the handling is crisp, and the fuel efficiency is remarkable.

As a result, the Camry has become one of the most popular passenger cars all over the world. It can make you understand why you see so many Camry around your neighborhood 

The Toyota Corolla, much like Civic and Camry, is among the most popular and best-selling compact vehicles of all time. It’s well-known for its low-cost retail pricing, great fuel efficiency, and minimal repair rounds. Corolla most often gets criticized for its simple and functional looks rather than the reliability factor

The Toyota RAV-4 has been a competitor for many compact crossover SUVs. RAV4 has proved itself many times in a lot of durability tests from all over the world. The SUV from 2012 hasn’t had any serious faults according to experts’ reviews, and it appears that the improved ones from 2013 and 2016 are just as fine.

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MAZDA MX-5 is a sports car manufactured by Mazda (MIATA). The Mazda MX-5 Miata was awarded the most dependable car of 2020 by a lot of experts reports, based on owners’ surveys that graded the car’s performance in 17 problem areas ranging from interiors to transmission troubles.

While the Miata may not come as a worth-it deal for your bucks, it’s just as dependable as a Honda or Toyota sedan.  MX-5 has earned the title of being one of the most durable vehicles because of its solid build, powerful four-cylinder engine, and surprisingly good fuel economy on recent models.

Consider the Mazda 3 if you want something that’s almost as sporty as a Miata but with more cabin space and utility than a Toyota Corolla.

The 2021 Mazda 3 includes all of the elements that make a car great, from a long list of safety systems to the engine, which is a petrol engine that uses compression, similar to a diesel engine. This results in a better fuel economy (as compared to previous models) without losing the sporty ride.

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Mitsubishi Lancer The baseline Lancer was a rather straightforward vehicle. The sixth-generation Lancer was launched in 2000 and was made in most of the world with a 2.0-liter engine. It quickly became a popular choice on the inexpensive car market.

The Lancer has also proved itself many times for its durability and fuel economy, receiving positive reviews from major media. 

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