McLaren GT Supercar Set to Compete in the Grand Touring Segment!

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McLaren GT supercar set to compete in the Grand Touring segment!
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McLaren is known for its incredibly fast supercars and hypercars but this time it’s going for something different. Many of you might be tempted to sell your car in Dubai because McLaren will be focusing on refining its cars to make them fit for everyday usability and that’s what it has done with its latest Mclaren GT. Don’t worry, it’s still fast. gives you the update.

The new GT was displayed at an exclusive event in Dubai recently. It features the qualities of a Grand Tourer to compete with like of the Aston Martin DB11. Even with its increased usability, it does not compromise its heritage and is still fast, light and fun to drive. 

The new GT is part of a new category and is the fourth model out of the fourteen models to be created under the Automotive Track25 business plan. This car aims to target a whole new set of audience by providing more comfort. 

McLaren GT Supercar sell your car in Dubai

As per the Managing Director of Middle East, Africa and Latin America, Brett Sasso, this car will feature better luggage capacity, top notch aerodynamics along with more everyday usefulness in order to compete with the renowned contenders of the Grand Tourer segment. He also mentioned that the GT will attract many customers from the Middle East. 

The latest GT is powered by a solid 4.0L twin-turbo V8 engine. It pumps out 620hp and 630 Nm of torque and weighs 1,530 kg. With a top speed of 326 kph, it can go from 0-100 kph in only 3.2 seconds. Moreover, it has a cargo space of  20.12 cubic-feet. For comparison, the 570GT had a cargo space of only 13.1 cubic-feet.

The interior of the GT isn’t something to miss. It features a cozy cabin with bespoke seats to give a comfortable ride for those who like going on road trips in the UAE. The interior is wrapped with Nappa leather and Alcantara. 

Well, this is some exciting news! We hope to see this McLaren GT at the start of 2020. With McLaren becoming fit for daily use, many people might want to sell your car in Dubai to buy this one. You can also find some other great used cars on!

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