The Limited Edition Nissan GT3 Road Legal Car!

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The Limited Edition Nissan GT-R Road Legal Car
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The British company JR Motorsports (JRM) has made a road-legal variant of the GT3. It’s called GT23, as only 23 units will be manufactured. So we don’t know if it will ever be available as a car for sale in Dubai.  Still, it’s rather interesting to see a racing car made for the road.

JRM GT23 Engine

The GT23 will have a 3.8-liter twin-turbo V6 under the hood, just like the super-exciting 2020 Nissan Nismo GT-R. This will allow it to produce 650 horsepower and possibly 510 pound-feet of torque. It is mated with a 6-sequential gearbox and comes with a rear wheel drive, unlike the GT-R. It will weigh 2,811 pounds which is 50 pounds less compared to the GT3. The engine has been relocated to the back for improved balance. The car will also feature a new six-speed sequential gearbox as well as a double-wishbone suspension setup that will be height-adjustable.

JRM GT23 Exterior

The car has large wings at both ends to give it the feel of a race vehicle. On the front, there will be a mesh grille that will sit on the top of a huge splitter. The hood will provide attachment points for the duct beneath the cowl. The track gets bigger vented fenders and they have been underlined with vented side sills. The back end gets a center-exit exhaust and a deep diffuser. However, the GT23 is still a foot shorter than the GT3 racer.

According to JRM, the race slicks on the 18-inch wheels can help the GT23 go up to 2G. There is also an optional Extreme Pack that promises 760 hp. It has a wider front splitter, larger rear wing, turning vanes, fire extinguisher, FIA roll cage, firmer suspension and anti-roll bars, air jacks, and center-lock wheels.


Quite like the exterior, the interior has also been changed to make this more of a racing car. The gauge cluster is gone and in its place, there is a small, full-color digital display. The steering wheel features buttons that go well with the new center console. And of course, there is also a new race seat.

Pricing And Availability

Each JRM GT23 will carry a price tag of £380,000. And be prepared to pay an additional £59,995 for the Extreme Pack. Sure, the price is steep, but it is reflective of all the work that has gone into making this vehicle a possibility. The car will be made in the company’s headquarters in Daventry, England. It also says that it’s open to working with clients to customize the cars according to their wishes. Deliveries are expected in spring next year and reservations are now open.   

It sure sounds tempting and we really wish that we can see it as a car for sale in Dubai. The UAE is a place where you can find fast, exhilarating and luxurious cars everywhere, so if you’re searching for one, can help! Check out our amazing collection right away! 

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