Henry Ford started the journey of Ford motors in 1903 and since its inception Ford motors has continued to grown successfully in the automotive  industry. The fact that Ford cars are more driver oriented, reliable and built to last makes Ford car for sale the third most successful cars after Toyota and GM.

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Henry Ford

For the past 100 years, Ford has set the records in breaking the barriers of automotive technology and setting up a loyal fanbase. Popularity is not something that was new to Ford since the creation of Model T gained tremendous popularity for Ford as about 18,000 vehicles were made. The response was so positive that the company had to get creative with their production methods.

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1903 “2-cylinder” Ford Model A

To meet the demand for increased production, Ford changed the course of automotive history by installing the first moving assembly line at Highland Assembly Park line in 1913. By the 1920s, the company introduced 20 new assembly line plants worldwide and was the largest automobile producer in America.

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Ford Model T

In 1919, Henry Ford handed the production of the company to his son Edsel to oversee the production and sales of the Model T that were still going strong but at the same time competitors such as Chrysalis and General Motors would be offering people more innovative designs with upgraded features causing Ford to lose it’s position as the lead car for sale revenue generator.

In 1932, however, Ford would introduce a V-8 engine in a newly launched model Y in hopes to regain their dropping sales. However in 1933, the company dropped to the third largest automaker in terms of sales revenue. Despite the setback, Ford continued to make their 25th millionth vehicle by 1937.

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In 1954, Ford launches the iconic thunderbird which brought back the previously died down traction for the company. In 1964, Ford launched it’s ever successful, Mustang that enabled Ford to develop it’s European division. From then on, Ford’s car for sale were solid up until the 1970s which proved to be profitable times for Ford motors.

In 1973, Ford reached its highest revenue generation and started it’s Asian division, including the one in Dubai. Al Tayer motors became the official dealer for Ford cars in UAE.

The 1980s continued to be successful for Ford Motors with the launch of Ford Taurus and Aerostar that were embraced widely by the public. In 1988, Ford earning reached an all-time high at 5.3 billion dollars. It was during the same time that Ford got hold of Jaguar and Aston Martin. In the coming years, Ford would begin selling car in China where it would develop 150 dealerships.

In the turn of the decades, the 1990s and the 2000s Ford would continue to dapple in engineering their vehicles to produce cars that were reliable as well as fuel-efficient. True to its vision, ford has had success in producing cars that are high performance as well as being eco-friendly.

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2018 Ford Focus Electric

As of 2018, Ford has stated that they will be branching out and creating cars of different types and makes; electric, SUV’s and hybrids . It is also in a continual effort to bring the most advanced technology and comfortable and luxurious user-experience to its consumers.

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2018 Ford EcoBoost

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