Hyundai’s “Digital Key” Removes the Need for a Key!

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If you are one of those who has had plenty of tough luck in finding their used car keys, the future may soon eliminate the inconvenience of carrying car keys. More and more manufacturers plan to introduce a system of accessing cars with the use of the driver’s smartphone.

And Hyundai seems to be the latest to get inspiration from the American auto manufacturer, Tesla, to join the gang. Starting this year, Hyundai has declared that they will introduce their innovative “digital key” technology in some selected models in the future.

Users can install the app and digital key on their smartphone. Each car allows four authorized devices. The technology uses a high-field near communication (NFC) network with reception antennas installed in the handles of the door at the front and a wireless charging system inside the vehicle.

used car

After bringing the smartphone closer to the car, the users can start the car by placing it on the charging pad and pushing the mode button. Moreover, the car will also recognize the user’s favored settings such as the audio and video controls, the placement of the mirrors, steering wheels and the seats, the navigation system and the heads-up display.

This is a practical application of Hyundai’s connected vehicle technology to create new, genuinely useful functions,” according to Mike Song, Hyundai’s head of operations in the Middle East and Africa. He further stated, “Not only will people be able to use their smartphone in place of a key, but they will also be able to authorize other drivers simply by sharing the app, without having to keep track of multiple sets of car keys.”

Hyundai isn’t the only manufacturer to use the “digital key” method. Tesla’s model 3 can also open the car via Bluetooth as the driver gets within 30 feet of their car. The NFC technology that Hyundai uses requires you to be in the 4 cm range for the system to work. Hyundai is part of the clan of manufacturers such as BMW and Volkswagen who want to bring innovations in the field of car-sharing schemes and technology.

Following the same line of thinking, Hyundai’s group leader of the Hyundai Motor Group’s Electronics Development Group, Ho Yoo, remarked that the digital key is going to be beneficial to the majority of its customers and in addition, will also, pave the way for future car-sharing technologies.

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