How to Remove Stickers From Your Car Windows

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Are the stickers on your car windows beginning to look worn out? Have your kids put too many stickers on your car windows? Are you planning to sell your used car in Sharjah and are looking for effective ways to take off the stickers? has prepared this guide to help you do so.

Apply Heat

Get a hairdryer as exposing a sticker to heat may loosen the glue. If you have got a heat gun lying around, it will work even better. Next, get a solid card like maybe an old ATM card or a library card which is no longer usable. The card will work as a scraping tool to peel away the sticker and might get affected in the process. Thus, you must not use a card that you actively use.

Turn on your heat tool and bring it up to its highest setting for the maximum effect. Keep it a few inches away from the glass and move it constantly. It might be a good idea to start in the middle and then proceed towards the corner.

After that, wedge the card of your choice under the loosened corner and slide it between the glass and the sticker. Be nice and steady.

Alternatively, you can pour hot, soapy water on the sticker to loosen up the adhesive. You will probably need to repeat the process a couple of times to make the sticker come off.

Once the sticker comes off, clean that area to remove all signs of it. You can use a window cleaner or rubbing alcohol to remove all traces of the sticker.

Goo Gone To The Rescue

If you don’t want to go the heat route for some reason, you can try Goo Gone. It’s a non-toxic chemical that gets rid of adhesive substances such as glue and stickers. Just spray some Goo Gone on the stickers, wait a while, and then use your hand to take them off. It doesn’t get simpler than this.

Use Ice

Another simple yet effective way of removing a car sticker is icing it. Get an ice pack, put in on the sticker for around 5 minutes, and then remove it. Be careful though, and don’t damage the glass in the process.


This is an anti-rust, toxic chemical that can do the job. Just spray it on the sticker, wait for a couple of minutes, and then use a damp cloth to get rid of it completely.

Regardless of the method you use, be very gentle and steady. This especially holds true if the sticker is on the car’s body. All in all, this is a pretty simple task, provided you are patient.

If you are looking to sell your used car, you can check out this guide and these tips to maintain your car’s resale value. 

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