How to Negotiate a Car Lease Expertly

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According to automotive salespeople, most lease customers actually had no intention to get into a lease offer. This is because leasing naturally happens and if the deal does not fulfill their requirements afterward, the buyer has to suffer the cons of this rash decision. 

This is why negotiating on a lease vehicle is as important as buying a car. However, if you have no idea how to negotiate, this article was written just for you. To buy used cars for sale in UAE, waste no time visit the CarSwitch website. 

Search and inspect a deal

Initially, make sure that there is a lease offer on your desired vehicle. This should be easy as automakers, dealerships, and individual sellers advertise such deals everywhere. These ads are displayed as an unbelievably low monthly installment which can make anyone feel excited. 

People are happy to know they can afford to ride such an expensive car with affordable monthly payments. However, inspect the lease deal with the following questions, before making a move:

  • Is this vehicle equipped with the features I want?
  • Are there satisfying miles per year in the terms of the lease deal?
  • Do they demand an upfront payment? If yes, how much?

If unfortunately the deal no longer attracts you after answering these questions, you have to negotiate. 

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Cost of the car

In the leasing world, the cost of the car is known as the capitalized cost and is shortened to cap cost. This name refers to the fact that if potential buyers negotiate, the vehicle’s cost, monthly installments, and the price of the lease will decrease. 

However, most buyers are hooked on the monthly payment and if you negotiate on this aspect, the seller will only increase the timeline of the payment. For instance, if the original payment period was 36 months, they will lower the monthly installment upon your negotiating, but the payment period will turn into a 39- or 48-month lease. 

However, you can, and should negotiate on the cap cost as it will be valuable for you. This is because negotiating will decrease the gap between the residual value (the cost the car will be worth when the lease finishes) and buying price. 

Since the usage period is the percentage of the vehicle you are purchasing, that’s what you pay for when the payment period ends. So, a reduced cap cost will lead to a decreased monthly installment. 

Cost of financing

This refers to an interest rate on the lease, which is shown as a percentage. However, in the world of leasing, it’s referred to as the lease factor or money factor. This is displayed as .00225 or to confuse things more, as 2.25. The latter figure does not mean that the interest rate is 2.25%. 

On the lease worksheet, the exact lease factor is not written which is why you have to ask the salesperson. Afterward, you can carry brief research on various automotive websites to see the range of current interest rates. This knowledge will allow you to understand whether the lease factor you are being offered is competitive or out of line.

Mileage limit

The last or third aspect of negotiation is the mileage limit. It is defined as the highest number of miles the buyer can put on the car before paying a penalty. This is why the mileage limit is mentioned because the lessor has to know the value of the car when the leasing period is finished. 

This value is titled the residual value, meaning the value which is left. If a buyer chooses a low-mileage lease (10,000 miles, for example), the residual value will be greater than if the buyer decides to add 15,000 miles yearly, to make the monthly installment decrease. However, if the buyer underestimates the miles they will drive, they will have to pay a penalty on each mile on the total over the decided limit. 

Customers usually do not care about mileage limits and they agree with whatever miles they are given, without thinking how many miles they will drive. This is a fatal mistake because the penalty on each mile will increase very fast. 

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