How to Get a Car Driving License in Dubai, UAE

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In the UAE, there are plenty of public transport options but being able to drive yourself to wherever you please, whenever you want, has its own charm. If you have recently moved to the UAE and are looking to buy a car in Dubai, UAE to drive for yourself, you will need to get a driving license first. The process for obtaining a driving license may seem challenging but it’s worth all the effort. CarSwitch experts tell you how to get a driving license in Dubai, UAE without too much trouble.

Time for Driving School

First up, aspirants will need to enroll in an authorized driving school for training, especially if you have no prior driving experience or if you don’t possess a license from any of the 36 approved countries. Those between 18-21 years of age can apply for a probationary license. Here is a list of authorized driving schools in the UAE:

  • Al Ahli Driving School
  • Belhasa Driving School
  • Dubai Driving Center
  • Emirates Driving Institute
  • Galadari Driving School
  • Drive Dubai

Students can opt for either manual or automatic gear transmission when registering for a driving license. Bear in mind though that an automatic license holder is not allowed to drive a manual vehicle. The number of classes you need to take depends on your driving experience and whether or not you already hold a license from another country.   

Gather the Documents

To register for a driving license, you will need the following documents:

  • Passport
  • Emirates ID
  • No-objection certificate from employer
  • Eye test results
  • Original license (if you already have a license from one of the 36 approved countries you can simply get it transferred).

Before starting practical training classes, it is mandatory to attend theory lectures and pass a theory test. The test takes place at the five authorized driving schools. To take the test, you will need a relevant ID, driving file, two photos, and a test fee of Dh 200.

The Theory Test

The theory test is comprised of three segments:

  • In the first, the candidate is supposed to answer 11 out of 17 questions correctly about general traffic situations.
  • In the second segment, the candidate needs to give 12 correct answers out of 18 related to the specific driving license to be eligible for the road test.
  • In the third segment, called the Risks Recognition Test, videos of specific environmental conditions are presented and the driver is asked how he/she can cope with them.
  • For students who have enrolled for 20 or 30 classes, there is also a pre-evaluation test.
Practical Training

After passing the theory test, students can start their practical training. Students who don’t have a driving license from another country need to register for forty classes. Students possessing a 2-5 years old driving license from another country have to take thirty classes. While those with a driving license older than 5 years only need to take twenty classes.

Road Test Day

After these practical training classes are done, your course in charge will tell you to book your RTA parking test and assessment test. After clearing this, you will need to complete your highway training before you can go for the final road test.

On the date assigned for the road test, head to the RTA license section with your passport, driving file, and two photos. Fill out the application form and submit the fees (around Dh200). When your name is called, go along with the RTA inspector and three other students to the designated car. To demonstrate your driving skills, you will only be given a few minutes.

Try not to fail or you will have to register for seven more classes before you can take the test again.

You Passed!

Collect the approval paper from your inspector if you pass and take that to the pass counter. Here you will need to submit a suitable ID and fees of Dh100 to collect your file. Take that to the control counter where after a few minutes of processing you will receive your driving license allowing you to drive in the UAE. Congratulations!

Time to Buy a Car in Dubai

Now, if you are looking to buy a car in Dubai, UAE to put your driving license to use, CarSwitch can lend a hand. Select from an extensive inventory of inspected, certified, and warrantied used cars in Dubai, UAE and enjoy the driving. Have fun switchin’!

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