Here Is How Potholes Can Damage Your Car

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There is a reason why drivers in training are instructed to proceed with caution and avoid different types of obstacles. Things like potholes can be seriously damaging for a used car in Dubai. You should be aware of the kind of damage a divot in the road can do to your ride so you can take measures to reverse it. If you do end up driving through one, don’t panic and inspect these areas of your car to determine the extent of damage and whether any action needs to be taken:


Since tires are in contact with the road at all times, they are the first thing you need to check after hitting a pothole to see if there are any problems. The sudden shift of air can cause the sidewall of the tires to blow out. If the impact makes your tire lose air, the light of your car’s Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) will switch on. Even if the tire still has air, you should check for bulges sticking out, hinting at internal damage which warrants a replacement. To prevent such problems, it’s recommended you keep your tires properly inflated.

Tie Rod Ends

These are the small ball joints that connect the power steering to the wheel. A major impact can damage these tiny joints. If you hit a pothole, the tie rod end can become crooked or the ball socket can become loose. In fact, the entire tie rod can even come apart and if that happens, you will require a tow.


The sharp angles of a pothole can also damage the wheels and thus you should look for bends or cracks on their side. If the wheel gets bent, it will not be able to roll smoothly. Moreover, the hit will also compromise the seal between the tire and the wheel. If the damage is visible, you will likely have to replace the wheels.

Suspension & Steering

If after driving through a pothole you see your vehicle veering to the left or the right, it could be because the impact bent some steering or suspension components out of alignment. In that case, you will have a hard time handling the car and will need your alignment checked. If the diagnosis shows that the car is out of alignment, you will have to get it realigned. 

Exhaust System

If you hear noises coming from the exhaust system after hitting a pothole, it signals damage and you will have to get your car inspected to assess the situation. 

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