Get to Know your Tires Better

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Purchasing new tires is a tricky process. This is because there are so many types, sizes, and brands to choose from. But this article will explain everything to you so that you can make a sound decision.

Tire Size

Many drivers decide to replace the tires with ones having similar size and strength. This is because the original tires are best fitted for the specific model and replacing them with an equivalent size will work the best. Sticking to the same size will maintain the safety and performance of the car. 

To decide which tires to buy, you should know their size and speed rating. If you have eyes on a set of tires, find out how many miles they will offer. This kind of important information is printed on the sidewalls of the tires. You can read it online, in the owner’s manual, or at the dealership too. 

The size of light truck tires is commonly displayed in a short sequence of numbers and letters. It reads something like 255/67-L13. The first number refers to the thickness of the tire at its widest point. The figure after the slash is known as the aspect ratio which refers to the tallness of the sidewall. If the number is high, so will be the sidewall. 

The low-profile tires seen in sports cars have an aspect ratio of 30-40 whereas SUVs have a 45-60 range. The last figure refers to the diameter of the tire to which it must mount. The “R” refers to the radial tire.

Speed Rating

Speed rating expresses how quickly they can ride safely for the longest time. It also depicts the performance potential of tires. The high-performing vehicles have a greater speed rating as opposed to mainstream car segments. 

Whatever speed rating is depicted on your original tires expresses the highest speed the car can reach, including a prominent built-in safety boundary. This rating is mentioned in a letter that follows after the tire size. The letter can be from L to Y, and the highest speed ranges from 75-186 mph. 

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Tread-Wear Info

From tread-wear rating and tire mileage warranty, you can judge how many miles you can get from your tires. The former is expressed as a figure on the tire sidewall, following the word “treadwear”. If the figure is high, the tire will last for a long time. But since the tests carried out to calculate treadwear aren’t accurate, this figure does not determine much. 

A precise method of estimating the potential lifetime of tires is by seeing its tread-life warranties. Almost all tires display a tread-life warranty apart from a manufacturing quality warranty. The majority of tires actually give the same lifetime as judged from these warranties. 

Run-Flat tires

These tires can drive for short distances at slow speeds even after punctures. Run-Flat tires allow you to reach home or a mechanic without changing the tire on the road. If your automaker has fitted the car with Run-Flat tires, you can replace them with standard ones and keep spare ones in the car. Or if you like the convenience of Run-Flat tires, you can keep using them. 

Replacing or Upgrading Tires

If you want to replace your tires with something equivalent, it’s better to buy them online. This is because online automotive websites allow you to compare various tires so that you can get the exact tires you want. 

But when it comes to local stores, it will be difficult to find your desired tires because they sell products from different brands. But online websites have links with the chain tire stores and they will install the tires you bought online. 

On the other hand, if you want to upgrade your tires, this is way more complicated. There is a choice of buying a high-performing set in a similar size. For instance, replacing high-performance all-season tires with a set of standard all-season tires. 

Alternatively, you can buy a set of thicker, low-profile high-performing or summer tires. But this is trickier. You have to figure out if the tires will fit without rubbing the body parts or suspension. You can ask your mechanic about this issue. 

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