Ford Mustang: Is It Finally Getting Its Four Doors?

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The automotive industry is flooded with rumors that Ford Mustang might start selling car model with a four-door, turbocharged V8 in the future. Apparently, the new car will compete with the likes of $86,000 Porsche Panamera and $68,000 Audi A7.

Although we do not know if the rumor has any substance to it, it sounds odd for a variety of reason, the price bracket being one of them. This could be a bold move on the automaker’s part and it will either help it crack new markets or annoy its existing fan base.

A Four Door Car Is Inevitable

The truth is that sales of two-door cars haven’t been so strong in recent times and four-door coupes are all the rage. Why else do you think that the Kia Stinger has four doors or BMW calls its four-door 4-Series a Gran Coupe? That’s why it would be hardly surprising to see Ford Mustang throw in the towel.

As you probably already know, Mustang is a statement car with two doors and a pony car body style. It is not an obvious choice like Porsche, which is one of the reason it has its own following. Mustang is a strong brand and it many ways it makes sense to use that brand equity to penetrate other markets by creating a new version.

A two-door car doesn’t suit most people, especially families with more than two members.

On the other hand, a four-door Mustang can help Ford attract buyers who have a thing for Mustang but have been holding off because of its two doors.

Ford also has the relative experience: it has previously built four-door cars that received a lot of traction such as the retro legend Galaxie (1958 to 1974) and the 1960’s Falcon. Introducing a premium four-door Mustang will help Ford increase its market share.

Why This Could Be A Bad Idea

While Ford’s four-door cars might have made a mark before the 1970s, the company’s recent experience with selling a four door Mustang isn’t exactly stellar. Take the Fusion and Taurus as an example, both of which failed to make a mark. They were later shelved because of poor sales and it might be a poor investment decision to venture into the same territory again.

Moreover, Mustang has its own distinct identity and it has no direct rivals to speak of, especially in Europe. Creating a four-door car can affect the brand image and if the new offering tanks at the market, it will also pull down the existing models.

Moreover, with the exception of Jaguar E-Type, you cannot find many examples of mainstream car makers punching above their weight. Hyundai’s spinoff brand Genesis failed miserably, and Vauxhall’s Cascada had a similar fate. Even Ford’s Vignale was a failure.

If these rumors turn out to be true, Ford will most likely produce both: a two-door car for its loyal fanbase and a four-door variant to enter new markets. With a V8 or turbo-four engine, the Mustang could become a really fuel efficient and fast car. If that indeed is the case, Ford might have a winner in its hand.

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