UAE Residents, Watch TV on the Go with This Ford Car Infotainment System

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Hate missing your favorite television show or sports games when you are on the go? So do we! But looks like Ford has come up with a solution to this problem and it’s integrated into their upcoming 2018 Ford Expedition. Intrigued?

A Smart Experience

A few months ago, Ford revealed the production model for their latest 2018 Ford Expedition, a luxurious SUV incorporating cutting-edge technology. Ford’s latest infotainment system will feature a streaming television, Wifi hotspot (capable of supporting up to 10 devices within a 50-feet range), and a digital music collection. This rear seat entertainment system features dual headrest monitors allowing passengers in the back to enjoy movies, their favorite television shows, news, live sports events or anything else on live television. Passengers can even stream their favorite music or podcasts on the go.

Made possible through a partnership with SlingPlayer, the 2018 Expedition’s Wifi hotspot enables high-speed streaming via a home-based Slingbox system. All you have to do is connect your Slingbox to the satellite TV box or cable at home and it passes on the feed to the SlingPlayer software installed on your 2018 Ford Expedition. Along with the two eight-inch screen displays are included two wireless headsets, two remote controls, and additional wired headphone connectors.

Ideal Family Road Trip

Now that’s not all, folks! Passengers further back can watch the same content on their Android-based smartphones if these are equipped with Miracast streaming. Moreover, the FordSYNC AppLink allows the front-row passenger to control the monitors via a touchscreen while the rest of the passengers can use remote control devices or even a remote control app. Handy, right?

On-demand media streaming has gained a ton of appeal in recent years and Ford is keeping up with the times using such tech. Speaking of Ford tech, check out this exciting car ride simulator cot. The Expedition’s brand marketing manager, Craig Patterson believes that its entertainment system, with the Smart TV-like functionality, creates a whole new viewing experience inside the vehicle, changing the entire dynamics of a family road trip. Looking forward to that, aren’t we?

The 2018 Ford Expedition will be hitting the market later this year. Meanwhile, you can get your hands on these used Ford cars for sale in the UAE. Or if you are a fan of the Expeditions, you might like these used Ford Expeditions for sale. Happy ‘switching!