Fines for Drivers Who Disregard the School Bus Stop Sign in UAE!

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Fines for drivers who disregard the school bus stop sign in UAE! sell car
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Motorists who ignore road safety regulations should sell car in Abu Dhabi or get ready for a penalty. They need to be more careful about school buses on the road now or they will be fined. gives you the details.

As per an announcement on 17th January by Abu Dhabi Police, drivers of used cars have an obligation to stop when they see a school bus stop sign. If not, they will be fined AED 1,000 and get 10 black points on their license.

Abu Dhabi Police has urged motorists to stop at least 5 meters away from the bus on double roads. Whereas on a single road, cars on both sides should stop. Drivers who fail to do this will get fined.

The rules and fines are increasing to ensure safety of the population. In Sharjah, fines for pedestrians not following safety regulations are now in place as well.

Moreover, rules for school bus drivers who do not put up the stop sign will be accountable as well. In case, the bus drivers fail to use the ‘stop’ sign while students are getting on and off, they will be issued a fine of AED 500 and 6 traffic points.

A back-to-school campaign known as ‘Let’s Cross’ has been put in place by the Traffic and Patrols Directorate. This campaign is to emphasize the importance of the stop sign. In collaboration with Education, Transport, Communication Development Departments, this campaign aims to make the UAE roads safer.

Safety is of utmost importance when it comes to driving or crossing the roads. If you do not want to follow rules, it is better to sell car in Abu Dhabi rather than putting your and the safety of others at risk. We at know the value of safety, which is why we make sure that all our vehicles go through a 200 point inspection!