Many car buffs would consider selling car in Dubai, UAE whenever they hear about a new and faster hypercar. For starters, a 300 mph car known as the 1,750 bhp Tuatarais is now in progress. Unbelievable, right? So, gives you a rough estimate as to when the 400 mph car might be in production.

Whether it’s Koenigsegg, Bugatti or Hennessey, there will be a car which can do 400 mph. Of course, it would need a lot of research and excellent aerodynamics to operate but it has been speculated by Top Gear that the 400 mph production car will be available by April 11, 2079.

That’s right, folks! According to math and science, the production car that will break the 400 mph record will be launched by April 11, 2079. Obviously, much more must have been accomplished by then such as flying cars and driverless vehicles for which the foundation has already been laid.

Even though solid efforts were being made to improve aerodynamics and fuel mileage, it was expected that in the last decade the speed of cars might not get higher at the same rate as before. This assumption was proven wrong when Koenigsegg Agera RS was able to hit the 278 mph barrier last year.

Assuming that the car acceleration increases at the same rate, the 400 mph is no longer a dream and is certainly a part of the future. This means that in about 60 years, a car could circle the equator in just two and a half days going 180 metres in a second.

Whoever is able to create this car first is certainly going to need state of the art design and aerodynamics. Well, enough speculation. As much as we love the idea of a car this fast, we are certainly proud of what has been achieved so far especially in terms of hypercars and supercars in this decade.

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