Great News, Dubai’ans! Dubai Police Is Using Drones for Patrolling!

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Great News, Dubai’ans, Dubai Police is using drones for Patrol!
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Motorists stuck in traffic might feel the urge to put up their car for sale. Though, don’t be hasty! Dubai police has formulated a new strategy to monitor traffic jams and accidents. tells you all about it.

Dubai Police has always been one step ahead when it comes to the safety of the people. Be it the fastest police car or revolutionary technology to monitor motorists. In order to amplify security of the drivers of used cars Dubai, they are now using drones for patrolling.

These drones are directly in connection with the operation rooms of Dubai Police. Furthermore, they will allow Police to gauge the situation using live photos and videos gained through the drones. The 4G technology in the drones will transmit this information to the concerned department.

As Dubai enters this technological era, the said drones will send thermal shots to the control room of that area. This will enable the Dubai Police to develop a switch plan in situations of emergency or accidents. Even more, these will help them evaluate any disasters such as fires as well.

This is a big step for the Dubai Police as well as the motorists. Due to this, traffic monitoring is going to be done in a better way to help citizens stuck in traffic jams for long hours.

In order to demonstrate the usefulness of these drones, Dubai Police has posted the following video on social media.

The live broadcast feature is already in use by Dubai Police for patrolling. In the future, hovering bikes might be a part of the police fleet too.

These effective moves by the Dubai Police to increase safety of those in the road might change your mind about putting your car for sale. Though, if you want to sell your car to switch to a new one, has a variety of used and new cars for you. Happy Switchin’!