How many a times have you watched superheroes movies, got impressed by their vehicles and decided to sell car in Dubai in the hope of finding something similar. Now if only life was as spectacular as on screen. Superhero cars have left their mark on our hearts and our favourites are as follows.

The Incredibles – Incredicar: Sleek like the corvette, this black vehicle powered by a blazing turbocharger was Mr. Incredible’s signature ride.

Fantastic Four – The Fantasti-Car: Capable of carrying all four including Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Thing and the Human Torch, this flying vehicle had a futuristic design.

The Green Hornet – Black Beauty: Lit by fluorescent green light, this weapons-laden car is named appropriately for its class.

Batman – Batmobile: Marked by the bat motif and equipped with technologically advanced arsenal, Batman’s car is a force to be reckoned with.

Iron Man – Audi R8: Special attention needs to be paid to the car for a character capable of flying. And Tony Stark doesn’t settle for anything less, as is much reflected in his signature scarlet Audi.

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