Documents Required for Buying New and Used Cars in Dubai

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Documents Needed in Dubai to Buy a New Car

When buying a new car in Dubai, you must have a valid driving license from the UAE or the GCC.

  • Residence permit for the UAE (original and copy) – For both opening a bank account and buying a car in the UAE, a resident visa is necessary.
  • The Passport (original and copy)
  • UAE resident ID – Also known as an Emirates ID, this document is required for anybody working or residing in one of the UAE’s seven emirates.
  • A valid driving license issued by the UAE – Dubai accepts driving licenses from a select group of nations, including the GCC and some European nations.
  • Insurance paperwork – Before you drive your new car out of the dealership, it must be insured.

In addition, the following paperwork is required to finance an automobile purchase:

  • A paid certificate or letter from the employer, if the loan was obtained through a bank or loan provider.
  • Previous-month bank statements (usually for 3 to 6)

Documents Needed in Dubai to Buy a Used Car

When buying a used vehicle in Dubai, you must have an inspection certificate.

You should be aware of the paperwork needed to buy a car. The following set of papers can help you when buying a secondhand car in Dubai:

  • UAE residency permit
  • Emirates ID
  • A copy of a passport
  • A copy of a car insurance policy
  • A previous registration card for the vehicle
  • A valid Dubai driver’s license; and an inspection certificate from a licensed vehicle testing facility.

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What is a Residence Visa?

A UAE residency visa is a document that enables visitors to stay in the UAE permanently.

Foreign nationals may enter and remain in the UAE lawfully for the time specified in entrance permission. When a foreign national enters the nation using an entry permit, a resident visa is given to that person.


A passport is a legitimate, government-issued travel document that reveals a person’s identification. It permits to travel to and from other countries as well as access to consular services while abroad. The document attests to the holder’s nationality and personal identification. Passports typically include the holder’s complete name, picture, birthplace, date of birth, signature, and passport expiration date. While national governments normally issue passports, several subnational governments have the authority to do so for residents living inside their boundaries.

United Arab Emirates ID

The Federal Authority for identity and citizenship is responsible for issuing and managing the United Arab Emirates identity card, known as the Emirates ID (United Arab Emirates Resident Identity Card). According to the legislation, all UAE citizens and residents must enroll in the program.

Driving license

A driving license is a record that a person receives after completing a driving test and demonstrates that they are legally permitted to operate a car.

Customers, residents and citizens who are older than the legal age and in good health are entitled to apply for a new driver’s license and a driving instruction permit. Depending on the type of vehicle you are getting a license for, there may be a minimum age requirement.

Insurance Document

Common evidence of auto insurance coverage is known as “insurance paperwork” Documents issued as proof of insurance about individual transportation are referred to as insurance documents. Any document, whether it is composed of textual or electronic medium, is referred to as an insurance document.

Salary letter or Certificate of Pay

A salary certificate is a document that an office head provides to an employee upon request. The request must include a justification, which the certificate must state is either your own or a friend’s or relatives. The employee will be given a certificate with the subject line “Salary Certificate” if management approves. Depending on the relationship and interest, this certificate may be submitted with a loan application to any financial institution. Typically, its validity lasts for little more than a year.

A pay letter is a letter that an employee writes to the department head requesting that the salary be released. This internal memo was written by an employee to the institution’s director.

Vehicle Registration

Motor vehicle registration is the voluntary or required registration of a motor vehicle with a government agency. Establishing a connection between a vehicle and its owner or operator is the goal of motor vehicle registration. This connection may be utilized for tax purposes or to deter criminality. While a vehicle identification number may be used to identify practically all motor vehicles uniquely.

Vehicle Inspection 

Vehicle inspection is a process required by national or subnational governments in many nations. It involves inspecting a vehicle to make sure it complies with safety, emissions, or both standards. Inspections may be necessary at different intervals, such as when the title of a vehicle is transferred or sporadically. It is sometimes referred to as a periodic motor vehicle inspection if it is needed regularly; standard intervals are every two years and every year.

Before a vehicle license or license plate may be given or renewed, several jurisdictions need inspection documentation. In others, a decal is applied to the windshield when a vehicle passes inspection, and police can enforce the inspection requirement by checking to see if the vehicle is sporting an up-to-date decal. The decal is often secured to the vehicle body when it comes to vehicles without windshields (such as trailers or motorcycles).

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