Dirtiest Spots in Your Used Car in Dubai!

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Dirtiest spots in your used car in Dubai!
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If you are a car owner in Dubai, you probably try to keep your vehicle clean. Unfortunately, some spots in your ride aren’t as easy to clean as others. Add to that the fact that you likely spend hours in your used car in Dubai every day, often with food and mud under your shoes. Occasional cleaning isn’t enough and your car might be dirtier than you think. CarSwitch.com reveals the dirtiest spots in your car that you might’ve missed and what you can do about it.

The Dirtiest Spots In Your Car

While your used car in Dubai might look clean, some parts of it might be unsanitary and harbor bacteria. For instance, a study says that the radio knob of a car is usually the dirtiest thing, presumably because it’s used a lot and is not so easy to clean, thanks to the rubberized finish. Next up, we have the seat belt. As you might get fined for not wearing a seatbelt, you have to wear it whenever you travel in your vehicle. The contact with your hands and clothes multiple times a day can make it accumulate dirt.

After that, we have the electric window controls, which again is understandable as you probably touch these numerous times a day. Then comes the steering wheel, followed by the upholstery on the seats. Change holders have also been deemed as one of the dirtiest spots. And lastly, we have the cup holders and the dashboard on the list.

These Places In Your Car Possibly Have Mold Too

A study also examined vehicles for mold and concluded that seat belts take the top spot. Other than that, the door handle and the radio volume knob are also likely to have mold. In short, the parts that you usually come into contact with the most are likely to be dirtier than other spots.

What Else Can Be Indicative Of A Dirty Ride?

The study doesn’t just stop there and digs deeper to present some important findings. For instance, vans are usually dirtier than SUVs and cars. And surprisingly, married couples have messier cars than single people. The study also claims that on average, cars owned by women are dirtier than the ones that men drive. Unsurprisingly, it also says that vehicles that move kids around a lot have more bacteria and mold than the ones kids don’t frequent. 

If the idea of traveling in a germ-infested car makes you paranoid, you can always go the extra mile to keep your vehicle as clean as possible. You can use a disinfectant wipe to keep the steering wheel and gear shift clean, and for other areas, you can try wet wipes. This way you can keep your car clean and organized. Unfortunately, this isn’t something you can do when traveling in a car that’s not your own. When doing so, you can always keep a hand sanitizer with you and wipe your hands clean once you get off. 

Keeping your used car in Dubai clean and well-maintained not only adds to the pleasure of driving but it can also help you get a good price when you sell your car. In case you’ve made up your mind to sell your car, sit back and relax while CarSwitch.com handles the process for you!

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