How to Protect a Used Car’s Catalytic Converter

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5 Tips to Prevent Damage to the Catalytic Converter of Your Used Car!
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Car owners in Dubai, do you know what is a catalytic converter is? If not, then this might be an important read for those who own a used car Dubai. Once you know what it is, CarSwitch offers tips on how you can prevent damage to it.

What is a Catalytic Converter?

Catalytic converters are located in the middle of the engine and the muffler. The main function of this converter is to transform dangerous and toxic gases from the exhaust into less hazardous pollutants. These converters usually exist in cars with an internal combustion engine which uses either petrol or diesel.

If the converter is damaged, it will not only lead to high fuel consumption and lower acceleration but it will add much more pollution to the environment than a normal car does. A damaged catalytic converter can be identified if your engine light is on and can cost you a lot to replace.

How to prevent damage to your catalytic converter ?

Some minor steps can be taken to preserve your converter. Usually, a converter can last up to the life of the vehicle. CarSwitch gives you some tips on how you can prevent damaging the catalytic converter till you decide to sell your car.

1. Keep your converter clean

If the acceleration of your car seems to have decreased, it might be due to the converter not being clean. Take it to a professional and get it cleaned as soon as possible.

2. Stay away from bumps

An avid off-road adventurer? Make sure that whenever you take your used car Dubai to venture off-road, your converter does not get hit by bumps. The converter contains ceramic and can shatter easily if it bumps heavily.

3. Be aware of any damage

Whenever you take your car for a regular checkup, watch out for any unusual commotion near your exhaust pipe. Also, when getting a professional service, ask the mechanic to take a closer look at the exhaust just to be sure.

4. Stay away from puddles.

Catalytic converters work at high temperatures and if you bump into a muddy puddle, there are chances that water might end up cooling the converter causing the layer to break.

5. Use the right engine oil

Always use the engine oil which is recommended in the owner’s manual. Also, switching to a lower grade of fuel may save you some bucks now but can be extremely damaging in the long run.

6. Regular maintenance

Do you remember the last time you had regular engine tune up? Busy schedule and day to day routine can make us neglect our used cars’ annual maintenance calendar. All of the above problems can be detected at early stages if you maintain your car properly. Also, make sure that your ‘check engine’ light is working at all times.

These few tips go a long way to keep your catalytic converter in its best shape. After all you don’t want the resale value of the car to drop when you plan to sell your car. These tips might even help you when you are looking for used cars Dubai.

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