5 of the Coolest Cars from Jeff Dunham’s Car Collection

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“I have plenty of cars in my collection that are conversation starters,” Jeff Dunham once said. And we definitely agree. While you would not find any car on his collection that is on the best selling car list, he does have a range of wacky and exotic muscle cars that are worth checking out!

  1. Ford GTX-1

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This bumblebee yellow Ford GT is already a show stopper in a crowd but Jeff wanted more so he opted one without a roof! What makes this model a rare piece is that only 100 models of this car were ever built. And Jeff certainly loves driving around in his roofless ford.

  1. 1965 George Barris Calico Surfer

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Another one of Jeff’s wacky vehicles includes the 1965 George Barris Calico surfer. Only true and loyal autoheads will be familiar with this car. Jeff claims that he bought this vehicle at a car for sale auction when one of the bidders had a heart attack during the bidding. Whether this is true or not but one thing is for sure; Jeff got himself a dandy ride!

  1.  1970 Plymouth superbird

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If you are a fan of vintage muscle cars, these cars are pretty much like a needle in the haystack when it comes to the autoworld. While the rest of the models had a 440-inch cubic inch engine with an automatic transmission, the Superbird that Jeff Dunham had was a 426 -inch with manual transmission.

  1. 1966 Batmobile

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Although this wasn’t the original batman car used in the movie, it was the best replica ever made. The car looked like like some crazy version of a gargantuan and a rocket beast. Built by the famous car designer, George Barris, the Batmobile was fitted with some crime combating gadgets and painted in the classic batman fashion. Jeff Dunham doesn’t have the original, but he isn’t shy to flash his replica around town.

  1. 1992 Batmobile

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If you thought this wacky car collector was done with batmobiles, you were wrong. He has another one from 1992. But guess what? It is the original one from the movies! Unlike the 1966, this one actually traversed the dark and dismal pathways of the Gotham city. Refashioned and fully armoured, this version was installed with disc launchers, bombs and you guessed it–machine guns!

If Jeff Dunham has a car for sale, we know we’d love to be there. Who wouldn’t love to gaze or even buy ( if you have a taste for it) one of the most fascinating cars ranging from exotic supercars to vintage muscly ones!

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