12 Concept Cars that May Arrive in Dubai Soon

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car concepts in dubai 2021
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The world is moving at a very fast pace. Technological advancements have come a long way and the automobile market is also keeping up. Every year now, many exciting concept cars are presented at different forums around the globe. These are usually the cars of our dreams that we had imagined about as a kid. For a car lover, seeing these dream cars come to reality is awe-inspiring. The past decade has witnessed many such extraordinary and incredible moments. Here are a few concept cars that are actually making it to reality this year. Therefore, in case you are planning to buy any car in Dubai, we suggest waiting for these beauties to hit the road.

Tesla Roadster

Tesla is currently taking reservations for its long-awaited car that promises extraordinary specs and it can go from zero-to-60 acceleration in 1.9 seconds.

Volkswagen ID. Vizzion

The Volkswagen is a five-door, four-wheel-drive complete electric vehicle. It has an electric range from 480 to 640 km (300-400 miles) with a 111-kWh battery. It is a voice-controlled car of everyone’s dream.

Volvo 360c

Bringing the self-driving feature to reality, this car is fully electric and autonomous with a modern urban design. It is an auto-drive therefore you only have to enter your destination while you sleep, work, or party. 

Volkswagen ID. Buzz Cargo

The Volkswagen I.D. Buzz, also known as the Electric Microbus or an electric minivan is an autonomous automobile. Its engine horsepower is 201 with a driving range of almost 340 miles. Other notable features include a folding bench and a solar roof.

Audi E-Tron GT

Audi e-Tron is exactly like a regular Audi but a completely electronic one. It is a four-wheel-drive with separate motors for front and back wheels. It is more of a sports car with all the features of a modern concept car. Moreover, it comes with a very comfortable and urban interior. What is even more interesting is that almost all of the interior is made from vegan materials. If you’re looking to buy any car in Dubai in the next couple of years, be sure to keep it on your list. 

Polestar 2

The 2 is both a hybrid and an electric car. Its exterior looks like that of a crossover. It has separate motors attached with front and back wheels. When fully charged, it can cover a distance of around 200 miles. It has a very comfortable, modern eco-friendly interior along with lots of storage space.

BMW Vision iNext

BMW describes its iNext as the Symbol of a New Age. The car comes with both autonomous and self-drive features. It is fully electric. The interior and exterior are both elegant and encompass various features for the comfort and entertainment of its owner.

Lexus LF-1 Limitless

The new Lexus is more of a modern luxury CSUV.  It has very dramatic interior lighting that comes through small holes and seems like shining stars, that create a magnificent ambiance. In fact, the interior offers a whole new experience to the riders.

Ferrari FUV

FUV-Ferrari Utility Vehicle is the new electric car by Ferrari named Purosangue. All that is so far known about this car is that it will pave an entirely new layout when it comes to comfort, technology, and design. 

Genesis Essentia

Most of the information about this car has been kept secret. But we have come to know that it is a complete digital car. Its interior is classic and luxurious.

Audi AI:Trail Quattro

This Audi is a zero-emission, fully electric car made for both off-road driving and long journeys. The interior is well equipped to sync all kinds of gadgets. 


This Van is all-electric, eco-friendly, and very spacious. It can accommodate five people and has extra luggage space as well. This car will not be available in the market for sale rather it will be available on subscription. Interesting!

These cars are nothing less than the wonders of the automobile industry. They ensure low emissions minimizing your carbon footprint.

It is the era of innovation and AI, the auto industry is enhancing its features and technology following the other tech-based industries and has started producing high tech self-driven and autonomous cars.

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