7 Most Comfortable Used Cars to Buy in Dubai

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7 most comfortable used cars to buy in Dubai
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If you get stuck in a traffic jam in Dubai, the comfort of your car can be a blessing in disguise. After safety, comfort should always be one of your top priorities when buying a car in Dubai, UAE. Here are some cars that will keep your daily commutes in Dubai pleasing.

1. Mercedes S-Class

An alluring luxury car, the Mercedes S-class provides the finest ride in the segment. With an effortless thrust, well-trimmed cabin, smooth on-road ride and amazing tech features, S-Class is a car that you will want to keep forever. On top of that, its standard air suspension enables it to tackle even a tattered road with ease. If you’re looking to buy one, you can check used Mercedes S-class for sale among used cars for sale in UAE.

2. Lexus LS and ES

Lexus has always catered to buyers who admire luxury. Both these models provide a serene ride as they are equipped with powerful but quiet engines. The hushed cabin and use of tech make it a cushioned ride that can make your daily travel on the roads more relaxed. If you want this pampering daily drive, check out used Lexus for sale in Dubai.

3. Range Rover

Already the king of the dunes, the Range Rover provides a impeccably silky ride on pavement and off road. Its high reliability, good seating space, quiet cabin and all-terrain ability, make it a top choice for luxury car buyers as well as those looking for a charming family SUV. Its exquisite interior and gorgeous looks just make it more of a catch. You can make this your next ride by checking out used Range Rovers for sale in Dubai.

4. Bmw X5

This one is hard to disagree on. The BMW X5 is a top ranking SUV in its segment and provides a splendid mix of power, luxury and style. It packs a warm and pleasing cabin, top notch interior, well-supported seats and a soothing ride on all kinds of roads. Its tech features are just an added advantage for those looking to buy a BMW X5 from used cars for sale.


5. Audi Q5

The Audi Q5 is one of the top favorite luxury SUVs for consumers in UAE. It combines an equal quotient of style, power and delightful comfort which makes it a well-rounded family ride. With its optional air suspension, it makes even the most rugged surfaces look smooth. So if you’re looking for utmost luxury in your car, it will be best to check Audi Q5 among used cars for sale in UAE.

6. Volkswagen Passat

A more modest ride than the other big brands, the Volkswagen Passat is truly a people’s car than any other. If you want a car that will cater to your daily travel needs. It provides a spacious and composed ride which can tackle rough roads with ease. It has an excellent build quality and high safety scores which makes it a compelling buy. You can buy a used Passat from used cars for sale in UAE and you’ll surely love its snug drive.

7. Hyundai I10

It do not underestimate this compact city car. It is surprisingly amiable on the roads and provides good comfort for those looking for a used car on a budget. This impressively quiet compact ride will give you a complacent ride even when you’re travelling long distances.

These used cars in Dubai should be the top choices of those who value comfort and have to spend a lot of time in their cars. Though, if you’re more of a thrill-seeker, check out our five most interesting sports cars in Dubai.

This list will surely help buyers looking for a relaxed ride in Dubai.  If you’ve already selected your favorite car then go to CarSwitch.com where all these cars are available for you to buy. Happy shopping!