Your Guide to Cars with Suicide Doors!

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used Car in Abu Dhabi with Suicide Doors
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Suicide doors are car doors that are hinged at the rear and not the front. Back in the day, horse-drawn carriages featured rear-hinged doors but you hardly see them now. The main reason behind that is they aren’t considered as safe as front-hinged doors. So, are suicide doors no longer used? They still are, which means you might be able to buy a new or used car in Abu Dhabi with them. has prepared this guide to help you learn more about cars with suicide doors. 

Suicide doors have become safer over time

Suicide doors look aesthetically pleasing. And since they open towards the rear of a vehicle, they allow passengers to exit and enter more comfortably. That’s because they don’t have to lean forward to pull the door closed or push it open. Moreover, the recent variations add safety features such as automatically locking the doors once a certain speed threshold is reached.

Churning out cars with suicide doors help automakers cash in on the history and luxury associated with them. And since there aren’t that many cars with suicide doors out there, they are something of a novelty. This automatically increases their demand.  

There aren’t that many options to choose from

So far, six cars with suicide doors have been released in 2019. Five of them are from the British automaker Rolls Royce, including Rolls-Royce Cullinan, Rolls-Royce Wraith, Rolls-Royce Ghost, Rolls-Royce Phantom, and Rolls-Royce Dawn. And Ford has also launched one, called the Lincoln Continental 80th Anniversary Coach Door Edition.

Modern cars with suicide doors are quite expensive

These cars are a rarity and cost quite a lot. Out of those launched in 2019, the Lincoln Continental is the most affordable, with a price tag of nearly $110,000 or AED 404,000. If you are considering Rolls-Royce cars, be prepared to spend even more. The Ghost is the cheapest of them all, and even it costs three times more than the special edition Lincoln Continental.

Even with these eye-watering price tags, modern suicide door cars sell like hotcakes. For instance, the Continental has been sold out already and it took just a month for the entire stock to run out. If you want one of the latest suicide door vehicles, you will have to cough up more than $300,000 or AED 1,101,840 for one of the Rolls-Royce models.

If you are on a tight budget, you can consider other routes. For instance, you might want to buy a used car in Abu Dhabi with suicide doors.

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