Speedsters Beware! Car Speeding Fines Going Up in the UAE

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Motorists in the UAE better start paying attention to their driving habits! You might have been hearing the buzz about the new traffic rules since March, but now they are actually here. Starting July 1, a whole list of new traffic regulations have been implemented on roads across the UAE. Generating the most interest are the changed speeding regulations and fines. After all, the penalty has increased to Dh 3000!

Below are the speeding fines according to the extent of speeding:

  • Less than 20km/h over the limit: AED 300.
  • 20-30 km/h over the limit: AED 600.
  • 30-40 km/h over the limit: AED 700.
  • 40-50 km/h over the limit: AED 1000.
  • 50-60 km/h over the limit: AED 1500, 6 black points, confiscation 15 days.
  • 60+ km/h over the limit: AED 2000, 12 black points, confiscation 30 days.
  • 80+ km/h over the limit: AED 3000, 23 black points, confiscation 60 days.

The police have been carrying out awareness campaigns and distributing brochures to educate UAE residents about the new laws for the last three months. Good thing is that these campaigns will continue even after the implementation of the new rules.

We hope motorists across the UAE will abide by these laws because they are specifically designed to improve safety on the roads. Speaking of safety, always remember that a well-maintained car is a road-safe car. So if you are looking for well-maintained used cars for sale in the UAE, CarSwitch is the way to go. Happy switchin’!