This is the Car of the Future!

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With so many tech companies getting in the car business, one thing is for certain: the future of cars is exciting. As more manufacturers work on churning out autonomous and electric cars for sale, we might see a completely revamped version of automobiles by 2050.

In the recent years, concerns have been raised about the adverse effects of vehicles on the environment, so along with technical upgrades, this is one thing that would be at the forefront when cars of future are designed. On top of that, car makers would also try to make cars more safe and sustainable. Basically, they will try to have all the bases covered. Here is how cars might look like in 2050:

Driving sans Steering Wheel

Almost every other major car maker is working on some version of self-driving cars these days and even tech giants like Google and Apple have jumped the bandwagon, although the later is more into developing the technology rather than a full-fledged vehicle. For the uninitiated, autonomous cars would allow you to travel without having to drive. However, it is unlikely that human input will be rendered completely useless, although the role of the driver would most probably be limited to choosing from different models. As for the future of the steering wheel, well, it might be replaced by a joystick in the future.

Since most driving accidents happen because of human error, self-driving cars will hopefully be safer and more efficient as a centralized traffic control system will optimize routes and minimize traffic jams. Other than that, we might also see miniature cars, which will be a more efficient and flexible way for people to travel.

While the public transportation system might not go away, commuters will increasingly prefer government funded on-demand transportation systems that will be able to accommodate as many as six passengers at a time and transport them to their destinations automatically. The destination and payment information will presumably be entered automatically.

Tighter Integration With Other Devices

The vehicles of the future will not just help you move around; they will come with embedded systems to help you plan routes, and also plan out your day. Like your gadgets, your car will be fully integrated with your other devices in 2050.

Alternative Power Sources

The combustion engine is likely to stay but it will likely become more efficient in the future. Alongside that, electric cars will most likely be charged by electric grids and batteries might also come in handy during emergencies. Similarly, a rotary engine might be used to extend range as well as wireless power transfer.

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