Car Drivers Rejoice! UAE Fuel Prices Cut Two Months in a Row

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Motorists in the UAE, we have great news! UAE car fuel prices have been slashed once again. That’s two months in a row now, folks! So drivers of new and used cars in Dubai, UAE will have to pay less to top up their car fuel tanks the coming month. Get more details below.

The Ministry of Energy posted the new prices on its website. Special 95 will cost Dh 1.75 per liter in July – that’s a 10 fil/liter drop! Similar cuts apply to Super 98(Dh 1.86 per liter), E-Plus 91(Dh 1.68 per liter), and diesel (Dh 1.84 per liter).These new rates will be effective from July 1.

Did you notice that this is the third time this year that fuel prices have been reduced in the UAE? In line with fluctuating international crude oil prices, UAE fuel prices declined in April and June also. Changes in the supply and demand equation have rendered the international oil prices unstable which could be bad in the long run for both producers and consumers.

OPEC and other major oil exporting countries have been trying to tackle the issue and stabilize prices. A step in that direction was the May meeting where it was decided to limit oil production for another nine months. US shale oil producers reacted to the decision by increasing production which brought the international oil prices down once more resulting in an almost 10% decrease in UAE fuel prices since. How much longer this struggle will continue is anybody’s guess at this point.

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