World’s Largest Showroom for Bugatti Cars Opens in Dubai, UAE

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UAE generally and Dubai especially is buzzing with supercars and hypercars so it’s no wonder that leading car companies choose to build their largest showrooms here. After Lamborghini and Bentley, Bugatti has jumped on the bandwagon selecting Dubai as the home for their largest ever dealership. Want to learn more? CarSwitch brings you the scoop!

The Grand Glass Exterior

Located on the bustling Sheikh Zayed Road, the showroom covers 240 square meters and is almost entirely made out of glass. The showroom entrance is shaped like Bugatti’s signature large horseshoe grille. The imposing glass facade is awe-inspiring alright but just wait until you step inside!

The Inside Scoopused cars for sale in Dubai, UAEInside, the guests, and customers are seated in a luxurious lounge area decorated with furniture from the Bugatti Home Collection. And guess which car is showcased there? Hint: it’s the only super-exotic car Bugatti has in its portfolio at the moment and it’s the fastest production car in the world. That’s right, folks, it’s the mighty Bugatti Chiron! The guests are entertained with presentations about the brand’s value and heritage. There is also an area for customers to configure the car they want to buy according to their own preferences.

The showroom will be managed by Al-Habtoor Motors, the sole distributor of Bugatti vehicles in the UAE. The Arabian Peninsula is one of Bugatti’s key markets. Judging by the 30 orders already received, car lovers in the UAE have shown great interest in the Chiron. If you want to learn more about the Chiron, check out Top Gear’s Chris Harris’ review after testing out the vehicle in the UAE.

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