BMW Joins Forces With Range Rover for Next Generation Electric Cars

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BMW and Range Rover will now collaborate to produce the next generation electric cars in a bid to share the load of the new and expensive technology. The move seems to be inspired by the collaborations of other auto-giants to advance electrified technologies, autonomous driving and car services. If you are a “poly brand loyalist”, you might get the best of both in just one car for sale!

Both Rover and BMW are a good fit as they share the same goals of creating products that are eco-friendly as well as state-of-the-art. BMW has made its mark in producing a great range of electric vehicles with the launch of the innovative BMW i3 i 2013. Similarly, Jaguar demonstrated its “electric chops” with I-pace which boasts of smart electric technology and comes with plug-in hybrids.

Jaguar Land Rover will work together with BMW on their fifth generation electric drive train technology with the launch of the BMW iX3 sports activity vehicle. The Generation 5 Electric drive technology will be the driving force upon which the future models will be evolved. has a massive collection of pre-inspected used BMW cars for sale in mint condition! Check them out!

“The automotive industry is undergoing a steep transformation. We see collaboration as a key for success, also in the field of electrification. With Jaguar Land Rover, we found a partner whose requirements for the future generation of electric drive units significantly match ours,” said Klaus Fröhlich, member of the board of management of BMW Development.

The Jaguar Land Rover engineering experts and BMW experts will team up to work together in further developing the generation 5 electric drivetrain. The production of the electric units will be undertaken in each partner’s manufacturing space. Both companies will hold fast to their own brand-image requirements in the collaborative project.

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