Sneak peek to the 2022 BMW i4 Sedan

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The production-ready model of BMW is now in the bright light as the manufacturer unveiled it recently. This i4 Sedan is all about great range, big power and an attention grabbing grille. It promises more than 300 miles and even though the premier came earlier than expected, no one seems to mind! 

The first exterior look and some of the details were announced during the manufacturer’s annual conference in Munich. This is the newest i model which is revealed by BMW’s electrified sub-brand. The other models include i3 electric hatchback and the i8 plugin hybrid sports car. Let’s see how valuable this sedan really is. If you’re interested to sell any car in Dubai, you can check out the CarSwitch website.

News on the exterior

The styling of i4 was precisely previewed by the i4 Concept taken from the previous year. The same borrowed looks were expected because the Concept i4 is more towards a near-production prototype as opposed to a showcar with overwhelming design details as the majority of the concept vehicles have. 

Considering that, the exterior is toned down considerably, especially with the wheels and headlights. Although the concept was similar to a fierce sports sedan, it was told at that time that this was not supposed to be it’s concept. This goes without saying that the i4 that will be available to purchase later this year will go towards a less fierce version of the new 4 Series coupe. 

The resemblance between the next generation 4 Series Gran Coupe and i4 is uncanny because the two are very much alike on the exterior. This coupe is to be debuted in 4-door Gran Coupe guise soon enough but with blue accents like the ones seen in the discontinued i8 sports car. 

Even though the brand calls the i4 a Gran Coupe, it is still not known if this reference will officially be a part of the car’s name. The added back doors are not the only alterations in the side profile as compared to the 4 Series Coupe. 

This is because the i4 has also redesigned handles which remain flush with the doors for a refined airflow. These are not reserved for the EV version as determined by the spy shots. The 4 Series Gran Coupe will have the same layout to maximize aerodynamic efficiency. 

Both the features of aero wheels and blue accents distinguish the i4 from the approaching 4 Series GC. The low number of exhaust tips at the rear and redesigned bumpers are also some of the differences. If you can start to like the grille, the BMW EV will be quite attractive for you from all the angles. However, the big kidneys might be a deal breaker for some people. 

The revealed specs 

Although not many details are out, the i4 concept headline numbers have received complete and even better. Now, the manufacturer claims that the i4 will offer 300 miles of range based on the EPA ratings which is definitely improved from the 270 miles that was announced before. 

On the sufficient WLTP cycle, approximately 367 miles will be obtained. Moreover, BMW has gone above to promise 523 horses and “around 4 seconds” to complete the 0-60 mph distance which easily makes it the fastest model. 

These measurements will probably be applied to the forthcoming M Performance model whereas the big range number might apply to a less sporty style.

News on the interior

The interior pictures are yet to be released. We can not judge which radical concept will embrace the production car. Usually, the i models by BMW boast futuristic cabins which means it won’t be a surprise to see a big chunk of the design elements in the i4. 

Some of the trademark style cues are floating, huge and curved infotainment screen and instrument cluster. It was revealed that the crystal iDrive controller will not be going to the production model. 

However, apart from this, not much is known about what BMW is planning. But stay tuned! The automaker has promised to release additional details in the future weeks ahead of the vehicle’s on-sale date which will come late this year as a 2022 model. 

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