Al-Tayer Opens a State of the Art Ferrari Showroom in Dubai!

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Al-Tayer opens a State of the Art Ferrari Showroom!
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If you’re a fan of Ferrari’s new and used cars in Dubai, we’ve got some good news for you. The official Ferrari importer in the UAE, Al Tayer Motors has inaugurated a magnificent new Ferrari showroom situated in the Al Manara area on Sheikh Zayed Road. gives you the complete update. 

This new facility is four times larger than the previous showroom, covering 3642 square meters. The appealing design of this new showroom makes it a fantastic destination for Ferrari enthusiasts and owners in the UAE. The interior of this showroom brings the global corporate identity of Ferrari to life. Its posh atmosphere and captivating feel represents the core of the Ferrari lifestyle and can qualify as another place to visit for car lovers in the UAE

Al-Tayer Opens a State of the Art Ferrari Showroom in Dubai!

On this occasion, the CEO of Al Tayer Motors Ashok Khana talked about his excitement to officially open this state-of-the-art Ferrari showroom in Dubai. He also talked about the journey of Al Tayer Motors and Ferrari which spans over more than 25 years. He also mentioned that this facility will allow them to deliver better customer experience to the Ferrari clients. This showroom will replace the generic showroom concept with his vision of a ‘Ferrari Clubhouse’ where owners of Ferrari can get together to celebrate their love for the brand. 

Dieter Knechtel, CEO Far East and Middle East, Ferrari said, “We are truly proud of the outstanding facility; a new Ferrari flagship in one of the most vibrant cities in the world!”

This Ferrari Showroom spreads over three floors. The bottom floor features a main display area which showcases the entire Ferrari range. It also has a luxurious lounge on the side where customers can relax. Moreover, there is a configurator room with state-of-the-art technology and it displays a collection of materials and options. Taking inspiration from Ferrari’s Maranello factory, it also houses an exclusive ‘Atelier’ where customers can access samples of unique paint colors, leathers and other materials. 

The dealings with clients happen in a private room (delivery area) which has been built carefully to give the best experience to buyers. Here, the dreams of the buyers come true and they can share this special moment with their friends and family.

The pre-owned cars can be found on the first floor. This floor is committed to the Ferrari Approved program and here the cars on display have gone through a thorough preparation process in order to ensure their flawless quality and performance. These are the most demanded pre-owned Ferrari models with evergreen designs.

The office area is located on the second floor, which is designed to offer an exciting workplace under Maranello’s ‘Formula Uoma’ guidelines.

Eco-friendly materials have been used throughout the building. To lower energy costs, LED lighting has been installed throughout. Moreover, the latest motion sensor technology has been installed to decrease energy consumption.

This showroom is another dream come true for owners of Ferrari used cars in Dubai. It is open from 8am to 8pm from Saturday to Thursday, and from 4pm to 8pm on Sunday. It promises to provide enhanced customer experience to Ferrari clients just like aims to provide its customers with an excellent car buying and selling experience with zero hassles!

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