Abu Dhabi Police Reveals the Latest Addition to Its Fleet!

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Abu Dhabi Police reveals its latest addition to the fleet. used cars
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Drivers of used cars Abu Dhabi, you’ll have to be even more careful now. Earlier this week, Abu Dhabi Police has added a new high-tech ride for patrol. CarSwitch.com gives you the details.

Abu Dhabi Police has made this announcement through their social media. Due to the recent awareness of fine and black points for distracted drivers, police is trying its best to make sure rule breakers don’t get away.

This vehicle is an ATV with all-terrain capability and it will help in eradicating criminal activities. This ATV will assist in chasing criminals on rough terrains like sandy areas as well as agricultural land.

Moreover, this is no regular patrol vehicle. It comes with a smart camera that captures and updates the database of the police force. This latest fleet vehicle is a part of the UAE’s Innovation Initiation Month.

With this ride now a part of the fleet, it’s going to be hard to escape. So, all owners of used cars Abu Dhabi should make sure not to fall under their radar. For latest car news and updates, stay tuned to CarSwitch.com!