8 Roads for Car Enthusiasts to Travel in Their Used Car Dubai!

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Speed junkies love the adrenaline rush of driving at the top speed of their used car Dubai. Even though, overspeeding can lead to hefty fines in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, there are roads around the world where you can check the top speed of your car without any penalty. CarSwitch.com lists a few of them.

 nardo ring used car dubai

Nardo Ring

Located in Italy, this 7.8 metre long track is perfect for adrenaline seekers. It is 53 feet wide and has ‘neutral speeds’ in each lane which allows drivers to go as fast 240 km/hr. The lanes in this ring are built keeping speed in mind and are have ideal inclines for smooth shifting. This allows the motorist to drive without their hands on the steering wheel. Even more, it looks absolutely amazing when looked at from above.

nihon used cars dubai

Nihon Romantic Highway

Nihon Romantic Highway is on a mountain in Japan. Stretching long and far, this road has astounding scenic views. However, it has sharp twists and turns which you should be mindful of. It is an excellent road for those motorists who love drifting. Though, keep in mind, this road is not for amateur drivers.

pan american used car Dubai

Pan-American Highway

Covering a distance of about 30,000 kms, the Pan-American Highway is a web of roads that stretches across many American states. More than speed, you can check the reliability of your car on this road as it has some rough patches along the route. For this reason, many automakers test drive their cars on this road as well.

dragons tail used car Dubai

The Dragon’s tail

This famous road is located in North Carolina and stretches about 11 miles. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most thrilling roads to take your used car Dubai on. Though, it is also one of dangerous roads due to its sharp turns and edges.

Moreover, it elevates to about 1,085 foot and consists of 318 curves which make it ever more deadly. You will no doubt enjoy the smooth road and its turns but it is a big no for drivers with bad driving techniques. 

california used car Dubai

California State Route 243

Alike the some of the best roads in UAE, this is a flat road with sharp and stiff turns. Spanning over a 30 mile stretch, this road is for those travellers who want to have a calming ride. Also known as Esperanza Memorial Highway, this terrain is simple yet a lot of fun.

autobahn used cars dubai


Gearheads and speed junkies, this one’s for you. This road in Germany is famous its safety and speed. Although, majority of the road consists of areas with restrictions but there are some unrestricted areas.

Once you find these unrestricted zones, you can go above the speed limit and test your cars limits. But beware, scariest type of drivers may get in to trouble with the Germans. Whatever speed you’re going on, move to the right as soon as you shift to the outside lane. This is because in Germany, there is always someone who is one step ahead of you in terms of speed.

nurburgring1 used car dubai


If you haven’t heard of this one, you aren’t a true car enthusiast. Nurburgring is the best track in the world! Located in the midst of Germans scenic beauty, it is 23 kms long. It is not only a historical track but is a go to place for many automakers to test their vehicles.

If the track isn’t booked for a race or by an auto manufacturer only then, it is open to the tourists and motor geeks with a minimal fee. Though, if you aren’t an experienced driver, the changes of a crash are very high. Moreover, in case on any destruction, you might have to pay for the damages.

Jebel Al Jais used car Dubai

Our favorite: , Ras Al Khaimah

This list of course includes the Jebel Al Jais route which is at a distance of one hour from Dubai. Located on the top of the highest mountain peaks which is as high as 6,268 ft. It has its fair share of twist bends and thrilling turns.

All those who love an adventurous ride should definitely take their used car Dubai on this road for a spin. Even more so, once you reach the top, you’ll fall in love with the magnificent view.

You might not be able to cover all these roads. But you should pick a definitely pick a favorite and visit at least once in a lifetime. You will love the adrenaline rush as you travel along these roads in your used car Dubai or any other exotic car.

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