6 Wild, Futuristic Concept Cars From the 1950s

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During the 1950s people were fixated on the future. The average American was adjusting to his new life in the industrialized society. The decade also saw the peak of rock and roll and Elvis! The motor vehicles made during this time period had a modern and extremely chic look. CarSwitch.com, an online marketplace for certified used cars, has compiled a list of six cars from the 1950s that exude an appearance from the future!

  1. Lincoln Futura

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Whilst the Futura packed in no major prophecy-telling elements, it did become an iconic vehicle in its own right. Some 10 years after it first graced the streets, it moved onto newer and much more lauded platforms when it was fashioned into the Batmobile by Chuck Barris for a specific series of comic books come to life on the screen.

  1. GM Firebird II

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Hailing from a line of turbine charged vehicles named ‘Firebirds’, Firebird II came equipped with partial self-driving abilities. All it required was a track fitted with wires and this four-seater drove perfectly, going by any and all pre-entered directions.

  1. Ford X-2000

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The name Alex Tremulis conjures up all sorts of wild and wacky creations, including the Tucker 48 as well as actual flying saucers. Yet, it is the Ford X-2000 that perfectly embodies what Tremulis stands for, treading that minor distinction between completely mad and completely legendary. Designed to portray the futuristic cars of the 2000’s, it did something entirely different and just added to the creation of the jet age vehicles.

  1. Cadillac LaSalle II

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If you’ve ever envisioned a traditional Corvette touched up with Cadillac designing, then the LaSalle II is it.

  1. GM Le Sabre

The brainchild of Harley Earl, creator of the Corvette, the GM Le Sabre is a typically 1950s car.

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What with the jet modelled front, moulded windshield, rear end tail fins and the Dagmars that won their name from an actress’s bosom it fit right into the era. However, on the technology side, the Le Sabre was amongst the crème de la crème of its time for it came with temperature adjusting seats and rain sensors to protect against the weather.

  1. Ford Nucleon

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This particular car attempted to depict what cars would look like if it was charged by nuclear energy. This depiction, however, remained on the drawing board and was never actualized.

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