50% Discount on Traffic Fines in Ajman Extended

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By the courtesy of the Ajman Police, the discount on the traffic fines has been increased till 15th January 2021. The total traffic fines which were issued before 23rd November 2020 are covered in this discount package. All the violations that were present in the traffic file of motorists within Ajman are taken in the discount. However, the risky handling of motorbike which is a potential threat for the safety of others will not be given this discount.

Any alterations made to the vehicle parts without a license aren’t included in this discount too according to the Ajman police. The 50% discount will take into account the traffic points and the vehicle impoundment. This discount was declared on account of the UAE National Day.

The 50% discount relief was valid for just one month initiating from 2nd December. Sheikh Ammar Bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, who is the Crown Prince of Ajman, finalized this discount as part of the National Day celebrations. 
The extension of the 50% discount was determined as a relaxation because of the current circumstances. In order to relieve the intensity of the economic burden brought up by COVID-19, the discount has been extended until 15th January, 2021. All vehicle owners in Ajman are advised to strictly adhere to the traffic regulations by Major General Sheikh Sultan Bin Abdullah Al Nuaimi.

Owners should be taking advantage of the discount and expedite the cost of violations as stated by the Commander in Chief of Ajman police. 

The payment for traffic fines during the limited discount period will be done via Sahl smart device kiosks as revealed in the Gulf News report. It can also be done by service centers, police app, and the Ministry of Interior app. Since the discount is not applicable to dangerous traffic violations, for instance not abiding by the COVID-19 precautionary rules, vehicle owners should be careful. 

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