5 Tip to Avoid Car Accidents in the UAE!

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5 Tip to Avoid Car Accidents in the UAE
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While many measures have been taken recently to make the roads even safer for drivers of new and used cars in Dubai, you should do your part to avoid accidents. After all, the people behind the steering wheels can contribute a lot to road safety. The experts at CarSwitch.com have compiled a list of tips that can help you avoid accidents in Dubai. 

Keep Your Eyes On The Road

While this might seem obvious, some drivers unfortunately get too comfortable while driving and engage in potentially distracting behavior. This includes things like using the phone, eating, or putting on makeup. These seemingly harmless activities are actually very risky when you are driving as it is imperative that you give your undivided attention to the road and traffic around you.

Never Take Your Hands Off The Steering Wheel

You should never give in to distractions, and keep your hands on the steering wheel. This way you will be able to take action quickly if the need arises. 

Keep Your Car In Prime Condition

You must always ensure that your car is in working condition before taking it for a spin. Thus, it is recommended that you get it serviced regularly and make sure that all oils and other fluids are at the required level. Similarly, you should also keep the tires properly inflated. This will ensure that your vehicle does not stall or breakdown in the middle of the road suddenly.

Be Aware Of The Driving Conditions

Since visibility decreases at night, you should be even more vigilant when driving to avoid accidents. Similarly, if it’s raining, drive slow and steady and keep the headlights on. In short, you should be accustomed to driving in different conditions, especially the ones involving decreased visibility such as dust and sand storms which are very common in the UAE.

Ignore Aggressive Drivers

Since there are usually many cars at any given time on the road, you are likely to come across unreasonable and inexperienced drivers too. At times like these, it is very important that you maintain your best behavior while driving your used car in the UAE. If any particular car is annoying you, it’s best to get as far from it as possible instead of engaging or arguing with the driver.

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