5 Car Museums You Can Explore From Home

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Many car museums are allowing car enthusiasts to take virtual tours from the comfort of their homes. Have you been looking for such an option? The experts at CarSwitch.com, an online marketplace for certified used cars for sale in Dubai, has compiled a list of 5 virtual museums you can explore from home. 

Museo Lamborghini

This two-storey museum opened its doors for the very first time in 2001 in a place within Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy, known as the “Motor Valley”. It is one of the top places to visit in the area. This museum is home to the Italian brand and manufacturer of luxury sports cars and SUVs with the famous bull insignia. It also includes a modern collection of Lamborghini supercars and race cars.

The National Corvette Museum

Located in Kentucky, this museum solely pays homage to the Chevrolet Corvette, popularly known as, “The Vette”. The sports car was produced for more than 60 years! Widely regarded as “America’s Sports Car,” it is a dream car that many would love to call their own. The museum has several exhibits which cover each Corvette decade all while displaying how the cars were designed, engineered and constructed.

The Henry Ford Museum

This is a very special museum in Dearborn, Michigan. Its unique collection includes:

– The Presidential limousine of John F.Kennedy

– Abraham Lincoln’s chair,

– Thomas Edison’s Laboratory,

– The Wright Brothers’ bicycle shop, and

– The Rosa Parks bus

The museum is named after the founder himself, Henry Ford who made efforts to protect significant historical pieces. Many of which helped to preserve the history of early life in America. 

Porsche Museum

The Porsche Museum is actually open to the public once again, after keeping their doors closed for eight long weeks. The museum provides a look into the brand’s history and legacy in Stuttgart, Germany. It shelters 80 legendary vehicles from the company’s long history, including the popularly adored sports cars. The costs of building this museum was €100,000,000. It also contains rotating exhibits from a stock of 300 restored cars.

Toyota Automobile Museum

Located in the city of Nagakute, Aichi Prefecture, the Toyota Automobile Museum opened in April 1989. Since then, it accumulated a vast collection of vehicles and reference materials focused on Japanese automobile culture. The museum contains approximately 200,000 items in the form of books, magazines, and catalogues, as well as 15,000 additional items on cultural literature.

It has a series of 140 automobiles that inform the public on:

– The history of automobile inventors,

– How society received those inventions,

– The impact of automobile launches, and 

– Its evolution to the present date.

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