2022 Mazda MX-30 is Very Interesting

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Mazda took its time to join the electrification trend but it’s finally here in the form of the 2022 MX-30. This all-electric SUV boasts everything that the automaker is good at – an attractive look, a stylish interior, and responsive handling. It’s surprising that Mazda didn’t take advantage of electric motor torque and power output to make a sporty compact hauler. Mazda instead rolled back the range and performance. If you want to check out used Mazda cars for sale in Dubai, visit the CarSwitch website. 

Exterior & Interior

From the looks, the MX-30 is refreshing, having a unique exterior, different from CX-30. As opposed to the liftgate and huge 5-pointed grille of its sibling, MX-30 displays a high and small grille along with a toned fascia and rounded rear similar to a hatch. It continues to act like a coupe by hiding the back doors that hinge at the rear similar to an old cab pickup. 

The cabin is roomy having the color combo of gray fabric and white leatherette. For a change, the Premium Plus trim offers an optional dark color combo in cocoa and black. Both utilize lots of recycled fabrics and sustainable natural materials such as cork on the floating console. The recycled fabrics on the doors and seats are stylish, durable, and can be cleaned easily as promised by the designer, Simona Merker. 

The Interior is properly maintained. Even the base trim is equipped with a leather steering wheel, a power moonroof, various charging ports, and heated front seats. Phones can be stowed underneath the console and Apple CarPlay with Android Auto is available. The seats boast power lumbar support, good seating position, seat-position memory, and 8-way adjustability. 

The rear seats are a bit tight due to the curve of the roof and entrance through the smaller door is difficult. But it makes up for it with sufficient legroom and easy egress due to the powered front seat position buttons on the seatbacks. 

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How’s the ride?

When it comes to the drive quality, you might get a bit disappointed. This is not because MX-30 is poor to pilot but it drives lightly on broken roads and bumps. The car turns easily, supported by the automaker’s Electric G-Vectoring Control Plus. This adjusts braking and torque at very repressive levels to refine handling and monitor weight transfer. 

This same technology is utilized by the automaker on its gas-engine vehicles but the electric motor nature of MX-30 determines more accurate programming. Therefore, MX-30 corners with more sophistication than the CX-30, despite having 420 more pounds. While its handling has gained lots of compliments, its braking is top-notch due to the easily adjustable regen levels through the steering wheel paddles.

What MX-30 is good for

If you want to use the Mazda MX-30 for 30 miles of daily commute on smooth terrain, going to and from work, you won’t face any issues. But if you want to test the car’s engaging driving dynamics for off-roading or enjoy a road trip, you will have some complaints. 

The automaker’s Electric Vehicle is presently only equipped with one motor churning 143 horses and 200-pound feet of torque. It drives swiftly around town but when it gets on a highway or challenging streets, you won’t be satisfied with the drive. 

The sluggishness will take you as a surprise, especially because the starting price of the car exceeds Bolts. Although drivers can accept somewhat exhaustion in a small gas engine with a cheap price or good fuel economy, electric motors need to fill the gap made by the absence of fun noises with brisk acceleration. MX-30’s drivetrain feels slow, perhaps to expand the range of the restricted battery pack.


An EPA-rated 100 miles of range is offered by MX-30. The charging via a Level 3 charger can get 80% in 36 minutes. With a Level 2 charger, this requires 2 hours and 50 minutes.

Some limitations of the Mazda MX-30 can be justified by taking a full picture in view. It’s a small-scale automaker that is sharing its product in an international market. 

With the small battery and single motor, the driver can revert back to a gas engine or go hybrid. There is no stuff under the hood which could be home to a power plant combo. However, Mazda is planning to reveal a plug-in hybrid with a rotary engine part. This might offer more thrill and all-wheel drive. 

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