6 Unique Design Details of 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L

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The brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee L which has all automotive enthusiasts talking, was inspired by the Grand Wagoneer. It was revealed recently and is by far the most luxurious jeep. 

While people are waiting for it to go on sale this spring, they are enjoying the fun nature of the vehicle. It is the first jeep having a three-row seating arrangement. The logo frame for the Jeep is new as well. If you want to get more familiar with the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle, read on below!

LED light

The mainstream halogen lamps and LED headlights are strikingly different when it comes to safety. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), the vehicles which have LED lights perform better with more safety. 

This is why the new Jeep Grand Cherokee L is equipped with standard LED headlights, taillights and fog lights. It aces the score of safety and the LED lighting takes up less space too. 

Some of the optional lighting consists of door handles that light up when you get near to the vehicle. The customizable interior lights and puddle lighting is also included. If you buy used cars in Dubai, you will find such lights too. 

Huge friendly face

A design feature which perhaps defines the brand like no other is the seven slot grille. This same design was featured for the first time on the Willys back in 1945. This grille layout is a detail which all the automakers acknowledge and like. It has been there in the early beginning years of the vehicle with only a few exceptions. 

For instance, the first generation Cherokee debuted with a ten slot grille and the first generation Grand Cherokee had eight slot grille. But now, it seems that the 7 number is the favorite of the company. This is because there are seven buttons on the infotainment screen, seven models in the current lineup and seven indentations on the brake pedal. Just like there are seven slots at the middle console lid handle. 


As everyone knows, the manufacturing company has deep roots in the military. The current vehicles in the lineup are created in the military spaces as well. So, it is only natural that the badge pays homage to these roots. 

This new Jeep is to be assembled in the Mack Plant, Detroit, MI. This is the same place where Dodge Viper was constructed in 1992. Both the Gladiator and Wrangler are also constructed at the Toledo Assembly Complex, Ohio, US. The proper military flag etiquettes are followed with the stripes and stars.

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Rearview mirror

With the new Jeep, you should expect full booms and bops. The Summit and Overland trim levels both are equipped with a banging sound system. This system is created with the joint effort of the McIntosh company and FCA

It includes the option of a 19-speaker system which consists of a 950-watt amplifier. The infotainment system includes a 10.1 inches big display screen. The infotainment equipment also contains FCA’s Uconnect 5 system. As for the standard feature, the 8.4 inches big display screen is included.

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Ignition ring

Although this is a minor design detail, it resembles the ignition ring of the first generation Grand Cherokee, Liberty and Jeep Cherokee. The shiny crust on the ring in the new Jeep is dazzling. This ignition ring is useful for finding the ignition in the dark. It will also protect the plastic which surrounds the steering wheel from getting scratched. 

Distinct roof 

Since there are three massive rows of seats in the new Jeep Grand Cherokee L, it is 17 feet long in dimensions. The proportions of the vehicle are elongated which refines the exterior of the tapered roof. 

In order to increase the much needed visibility, the window area is improved. This especially helps the third row passengers to look at the outside view instead of the C pillar. The chrome window molding serves the purpose of a headband from the both sides of the Grand Cherokee L. This headband joins both from around and underneath the back windshield. 

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