2020 Mercedes Benz S is Debuting With a Huge Touchscreen

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The new 2020 Mercedes Benz S Class has been a hot topic in Dubai for a while now. Mercedes Benz introduced a prototype of their new car with a sleek vertical touch-screen without any edges located right at the center. A car like this will be Dubai’s top-selling car in no time! The experts at CarSwitch.com have put together all the details. 

The interior gets a shining makeover!

People who are tired of conventional controls will be very happy to know that there are touch-operated buttons at the bottom of the screen too. It was interesting to note that, compared to the 17-inch touchscreen in the Tesla Model S, the Mercedes Benz S Class was a few inches smaller.

Even though there is great interest in the touchscreen visually and functionally, there lies uncertainty on how it will play out in everyday use in Dubai. The screen is very glossy and angled relatively lower than in most cars. With Dubai’s 24/7 hot and shining sun, you will be in for some extreme sun glare. So, get those sunglasses ready!

The screen will also be prone to dirty fingerprints when you touch it. The central air vents are placed on top of the dashboard because of the large screen size. The screen also takes away the limelight from what really matters in a car – soft leather and high-quality stitching.

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The exterior is revamped as well

Heading towards the Mercedes Benz exterior, you see a solid look with the newly designed headlights and taillights. These are lower and wider than the previous Mercedes Benz models. You will also notice that the taillights are more vertically oriented than the headlights. We know now why this car is the top candidate for Mercedes best-selling car!

We understand your excitement for the new Mercedes-Benz-S-Class, but it will not be produced and released until 2020 at the Factory 56 plant in Germany. In the meanwhile, if you want to check out pre-inspected and quality-assured Dubai used cars, CarSwitch.com has your back! You don’t have to worry about lengthy paperwork and time-consuming inspections, we take care of everything!