$2 Million Bentley Bacalar Is as Exclusive as It Gets!

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Bentley is once again in the lead for the most exclusive and expensive car with its latest Bentley Bacalar. Since there are only 12 units, we might not see the Bacalar as a car for sale in Sharjah. However, we’re sure gearheads will love it. CarSwitch.com did some research to give you the details.

The limited-edition Bentley Bacalar was supposed to be revealed at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show which got cancelled. So, it was revealed online and it definitely looks like a show stopper. This Bentley is named after a lake in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico known as Laguna Bacalar, continuing the tradition of naming cars after amazing landmarks. 


This 2-seater grand tourer is roofless just like the Aston Martin V12 speedster. It has been designed by Bentley’s Mulliner division and offers high-level customization to the Bacalar which, according to Bentley, is already “the rarest two-door of the modern era”. 

Bacalar has the same body structure as the Bentley Continental GT convertible. The two cars share the same wheelbase but apart from that, the exterior has been changed almost entirely. Only the door handles have been carried forward from the Continental GT due to its keyless entry system. 

It also takes inspiration from Bentley’s EXP GT. The front fenders and doors are made of carbon fibre to give a bold look through sharp lines on the side. It features single headlights and a new bumper. The 22-inch wheels have a three-tone finish tailored to complement the gorgeous exterior of the Bacalar. Moreover, there’s a stylish Bacalar logo at the rear along with Bentley’s flying B logo. 


Each of these handcrafted marvels by Bentley have been designed exquisitely. Bespoke wool cloth specially made in collaboration with a British textile mill wraps the seat inserts, headrests and seat backs. At the back of the passenger seats are two luggage bags from Schedoni in line with the interior theme. 

The interior uses a lot of eco-friendly materials. For example, the dashboard is made out of wood from trees which have fallen off 5,000 years ago and were naturally preserved. Even the paint is made from rice ash husk, a by-product of rice. 


The all-wheel-drive Bacalar packs a powerful W12 engine which churns out 650hp. It is paired with an 8-speed dual-clutch transmission which allows quicker gear shifts. With a top speed of 200 mph, it can go from 0-62 mph in 3.5 seconds. It comes with a 48V electric anti-roll system.

The owners of all 12 units will work closely with Bentley Mulliner to customize them as per their need. Although, you might never find it as a car for sale in Sharjah as all units have already been pre-sold at a price of $2 million. If this has convinced you to upgrade your car, CarSwitch.com has a variety of options that you can choose from.

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