The Emergence and Success of 2.0L Engines in Used Cars Dubai

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The emergence and success of 2.0L engines in used cars Dubai
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A variety of engines are now prevalent in new and used cars Dubai, UAE. Almost all car manufacturers are decreasing the engine size or providing options of smaller engine sizes particularly the 2.0L Inline 4, albeit turbocharged. Many car enthusiasts might disagree but the lighter engines have gained popularity in recently and the key to it is technology and of course rising fuel costs around the world.

There was a time when powerful cars such as sporty coupes and SUVs, could not be imagined without a V8 powertrain. Though, times have changed. The increasing demand for hybrid and more fuel efficient cars has made the increase of 2.0L Inline 4 turbo engines almost inevitable.

From Honda to Mercedes, all cars offer an Inline 4 powertrain. Unless you’re looking to buy a full-size truck, all models now have variants with a lighter engine. These are preferred because they are not only fuel efficient but also weigh lighter and perform better than older generation smaller engines.

A major reason for the car makers to spend so much on this transformation is fuel-efficiency. Just for the month of June, Super 98 has increased from AED 2.49 to 2.63 along with all other types of fuels with an average rise of almost 6%. Furthermore, as per the Ministry of Energy in UAE, the fuel prices may remain turbulent in the near future which means that fuel economy is likely to be a critical factor for consumers buying new or used car in Dubai.

Though, only cutting down the engine size might not be the best idea but we definitely have to give a round of applause to modern technology in making smaller powertrains a winning alternative. The current turbochargers and latest tuning technology have made it easier for manufacturers to tune the engine efficiency while leaving adequate power to give the ride a great selling point.

Also, its versatility allows it to be fixed into even larger vehicles without compromising power and operation. With all this, an additional bonus point for car manufacturers is that these engines are in line with the rigorous government regulations as fewer cylinders mean fewer engine parts and in many parts of the world lower import duties or taxes.

What makes it even more appealing is that these compact engines allow car makers to reduce the engine compartments and add more spacious interiors and bigger trunks. From compact cars to full-size trucks, all work well with this engine size. The gorgeous Volvo S60 added the 2.0L turbo engine to its 2019 model but more surprisingly so did the 2019 Chevrolet Camaro.

After all, improved power and efficiency as well as roomy interior and quiet cabins play a great role in the buying decisions of drivers in Dubai.

To say the least, the 2.0L Inline 4 turbocharged engine is here to stay. Almost all makes are offering models in this size and majority of buyers of new and used cars Dubai seem to be loving it.
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