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Frequently asked questions
Why should I buy a used car from CarSwitch?

CarSwitch.com is the UAE’s #1 rated site for buying and selling certified used cars in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah! Though every car is from a private seller, all pre-inspected with complete results online, and assistance from our switchers from getting insurance, financing, and transfer of ownership. Best part, it’s completely FREE to buy a car! You simply pay the seller direct for the car, and insurance / financing fees.

Am I eligible for bank financing and what documents do I need to apply?

To buy a used car through bank financing, you will need to apply with a UAE bank for financing approval. This can be any bank in the UAE, and does NOT have to be the bank of your main account or where you receive your salary. Every bank has their own eligibility criteria, though they are generally quite similar

  • At least 21 years of age
  • Minimum salary of AED 3,000-7,000 (depending on the bank)
  • Minimum of 3 month of employment with the same employer
  • No default / check bounce history
  • Consistent salary deposits in a bank (does not have to be the same bank you are applying for a loan with)
  • A DBR ratio less than 50% (meaning the monthly installment of your used car plus monthly installments of any other existing loans you have cannot be greater than half of your monthly salary)

The documents generally required for applying for a used car loan include:

  • Bank statements for the past 3 months, showing salary transfer.
  • Salary Certificate from your employer.
  • Valuation certificate for the used car from a bank approved valuator
  • UAE Residency visa and a driving licence

If you are buying a used car from CarSwitch.com we can help you secure bank financing for a small processing fee which also covers the valuation certificate the bank will require. Contact CarSwitch.com today to find out more about financing your next used car or selling your used car still under finance and help make the process of buying a used car easier in the UAE!

How do I transfer my used car in Dubai and what documents do I need?

For the Used Car Seller:

Firstly, ensure that all your fines are cleared. Once completed, make sure that your used car is in good condition so that your used car will pass the RTA Vehicle Test. At CarSwitch, our thorough car inspection will provide you with the information you need on whether there are areas of your used car for you to be concerned about. The usual suspect is tires, as RTA will not allow transfer and registration of a car if tires are older than 4 years. Documents that you will need to sell your used car is valid ID and a car registration card. Additionally, if you are selling a car not registered in your name, you will need a valid and attested Power of Attorney to transfer your used car.

For the Used Car buyer:

The documents you will need to transfer ownership of a used car in the UAE is a valid Emirates ID, a copy of your UAE Residency Visa and a valid UAE driving licence. Additionally, you will need to purchase an insurance policy in order to register the used car and be able to issue licence plates for the car.

Watch out for outstanding loans that the car seller may have if the car was brought through a bank loan as this will need to be cleared. Once the loan is cleared, the seller will receive a release letter from the bank.

Transferring responsibility of a car can be quite complicated! When buying a used car through CarSwitch.com, a dedicated after sales team will provide detailed step by step instructions on every step of the process and often join you in person to ensure everything runs smoothly. This is free of charge to buyers, as you are buying a car directly from a private seller (skip the dealer fees!)

Can CarSwitch help me in purchasing Insurance for my Used Car?

Purchasing car insurance for your used car in the UAE can be overwhelming with the choices available. Though, just settling for your first car insurance policy can result in you paying more than you need to. That’s why at CarSwitch our dedicated switchers will connect you with our broker for preferred rates to secure the best deal, all free of charge!

Do you guarantee used cars and their car inspections?

CarSwitch does not guarantee used cars and their inspections as these take place at the point of publishing the car online, and the condition may have changed since. Furthermore, as the inspections take place at the seller’s premise we cannot lift the car to investigate the underbody. However, our buyers can certainly inspect the car wherever they want at their expense. We only ask for a reservation deposit, deducted from the car price, to ensure seriousness and protect the seller. This deposit is fully refundable if you find any issues though, so you also remain protected!

Will my CarSwitch used car come with a warranty?

CarSwitch can provide a warranty on some used cars advertised on the website. Look out for cars with “Third Party Warranty” displayed in the highlights section of the used car detail page. This warranty costs AED 500 for 3 months and AED 1,500 for 1 year. Please visit the terms and conditions page for more details on this.

What should I look for when buying a used car in the UAE?

Here are some of the main factors you should look out for when buying a used car in the UAE:

  • Car condition: Visit the inspection report completed on every car by our certified mechanics to get a deep look at the car from the comfort of your own home
  • Service history: Besides the current condition of the car, you often want some confidence there isn’t any impending issues that may arise in the near future. Complete service history is comforting factor one should watch out for
  • GCC spec cars: Imported cars are generally without service history which you can validate, and often have accident history that may leave them in worse condition. Though having said that, non-GCC cars are often with a considerable discount relative to GCC cars
  • Ongoing costs: Research the operational (fuel consumption) and maintenance costs of the model you’re interested in. Also keep in mind you’re likely usage, as if extensive you may want to opt for a car with limited mileage
  • Other costs of owning the car: You will need to purchase insurance and pay the transfer of ownership fees at the RTA authorized office. You may also opt for additional services that would cost extra. There is a full list of estimated “Other Costs of Owning a Car” on details page of every car on the website

Visit the best used car online marketplace today and let the team take care of these details for you.